NY Times So In Love With the Nightmare Disaster Ticket of Mondale/Ferraro

This is the “paper of record.”


This is what happens when you hire wool hat wearing know-nothing morons.


Hillary Clinton has a little advice for celebrated New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd: enough with the pot brownies. The former presidential candidate and secretary of state fired off a sharp tweet Saturday after the op-ed writer apparently forgot about Clinton’s run for office in 2016, Mediaite reports. “It’s hard to fathom, but it has been 36 years since a man and a woman ran together on a Democratic Party ticket,” Dowd wrote in her latest column, which harked back to Walter Mondale’s 1984 run with Geraldine Ferraro. Little problem: Clinton’s 2016 running mate was Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine. “Either @TimKaine and I had a very vivid shared hallucination four years ago or Maureen had too much pot brownie before writing her column again,” tweeted Clinton.

The Times quickly corrected the error but fumbled yet again, stating that it had been 36 years “since a man chose a woman to run as his vice president.” That, of course, erased Sen. John McCain’s 2008 run with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.


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  1. Yo Hillary!
    Kettle here…
    Yer black too!

    Pot brownies eh? Sooooo I can’t help but think that whut she’s really imagining here is a ride in Mr Peabody’s Wayback Maching to 1969 when she left her moral compass, scruples, honesty and accountability on a filthy night stand along with her thesis on Saul Alinsky next to a busted lava-lamp and an ashtray full of smoked roaches!

  2. My understanding of quicksand is that you best not flail about when sinking. It only makes the situation worse. The NYT apparently hasn’t learned that lesson.

  3. It’s as if Sen. John McCain’s 2008 run with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t happen. My theory is that it’s because McCain wasn’t man enough and Palin was just too much woma

  4. Anyone else notice that since John McCain is gone McConnell is a lot more right wing? Almost like a weight has been lifted off McConnell’s back. Still don’t trust him.

  5. @Jimmy – McCain never intended to win. He gave the most piss poor performance of a run with the sole purpose of losing.

  6. Maybe you should take a cognitive skills test Maureen.

    First question, who said this in February:

    “I’m looking forward to appointing the first African-American woman to the United States Senate”

    Second question, repeat these five words back to me in the same order given:

    Lying. Dog. Face. Pony. Soldier.

  7. Gladys – Even tho I held my nose voting for McCain I can still smell the scent of rat-bastard whenever his name is mentioned!

  8. In liberal lore, both Mondale/Ferraro and Carter were beating Reagan until “foreign interference”.

    By their recollections, they’ve never lost a contest fair and square.

    “We cheated and still lost??!?!? Something’s not right here.”

  9. Hey TRF…You’re a Funny Guy…Why don’t You Email Me Your Deets…I’d like to

    talk to You….Personally.


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