NY Times Writer Calls for Ending Presidential Debates

DanBongino: It won’t be long until President Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off three times in the presidential debates, and we already know how that’s likely to go.

Every sign already tells us that Biden’s handlers would like to keep his public exposure to the minimum. Biden may not be able to run a campaign out of his basement – but it’s certainly better than the one he can run outside if it. The Trump campaign pushed for a fourth presidential debate between the candidates, which the Biden campaign rejected – hardly a vote of confidence in their candidate.

President Bill Clinton’s former spokesman Joe Lockhart penned an op-ed last week arguing that Biden shouldn’t debate Trump at all. “Whatever you do, don’t debate Trump,” he wrote as advice to Biden. His justification was that Trump would simply lie and ignore the rules of the debate. Those are simply Lockhart’s excuses for why he doesn’t want a man who can barely string together a sentence anywhere near the debate stage (and the fact that he has no confidence in Biden’s ability to refute Trump’s supposed lies seems to reveal that fact).

Today the New York Times came up with another solution: instead of have Biden look bad by not debating, why not just abolish presidential debates whatsoever? more here

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  1. The New Current truth is cancel POTUS debates. That works when your guy is a stuttering fool at best and brain damaged at worst.

    The New Current Truth will change in 2024 when the Dems have them a fast talking Svenghoolie or a long legged MacDaddy like Obama 2.0

    The naked power grab is rather ugly. One sees all the individual pervert sub groups just licking their lips at the possibility of their sub group becoming mainstreamed be it the Nambla brigade to the Tranny story telling hour at your local library to the incest advocates or the zoophiles. Obama over promised and under delivered about “transforming” America. This time around there will be ZERO brakes on the perverts putsch and Biden will read the que cards telling us all how wonderful it is to live in such a brave new world.

  2. To be truthful, the debates have devolved into playground arguments full of lies and distortions and false accusations. You learn absolutely nothing from them – in their current format – they’re worthless.

    If we demanded that a presidential debate be conducted under the format of the old forensic competitions that used to be held in High School, we might actually learn something about the candidates.

    But, since that will never happen we can only hope that Joe will be forced to bring his stuttering, stammering, drooling face on stage.

  3. If I was a Biden supporter, I’d say the same thing. So far, the mainstream has managed to cover for his dementia as much as possible, but that will not be possible on a debate where he will be exposed to the whole nation.

  4. Yet another admission Biden is not cognitively strong enough to even handle a debate where we all know he’d have all the questions, answers and moderators on his side just like Hillary did. How many times can Biden say my time is up in 90 minutes. Looking like there is no way they want us to find out.

  5. His handlers are searching for something to keep him somewhat coherent for 2 hours. Some combination of vitamin B injections, ginkgo, and cocain. What were they giving JFK?

  6. Don’t you hate it when you build a pretty good joke in the comments about hair sniffer Biden and his love of BLM kneelers in terms of the presidential debate And decide it unwise to post it? I think you can construct this joke yourselves.

    Don’t forget to tip your waitresses and bartenders.

    I relish the idea of ANY debate between Trump and ‘where’s my Tapioca’? Cobra cobra cobra Biden.

  7. Moderator: Mr Vice-President – What will you do on Day 2 of your Presidency after you’ve restored America to its revered place among the nations on Day 1?

    Joe: Cut the malarkey! It’s all about, you know, the thing. I reclaim my time!

  8. I wouldn’t want to send that stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable pathetic failure out to debate either

  9. So… how many others are waiting for the first debate just to find out what Trump’s nickname for the braying Jackass will be?

  10. “NY Times Writer Calls for Ending Presidential Debates”

    Trump’s in office….how about we just end presidential elections??

  11. Sources inside the Biden Debate Hologram Project say that the 3-D rendering is almost flawless, but the speech synthesis is a complete disaster due to an extremely limited supply of coherent source samples. The team was hoping that a skilled voice impersonator would be able to fill in the huge language and logic gaps, but it turns out that nobody was willing to take that challenge. It is now believed that a Covid vaccine will be ready before BDH-20.

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