NY Times Writes Editorial Condemning Judge With Pro-Sharia 1st Amendment Double Standard

Sounds implausible, right? But it happened. As Pamela Geller put it, pigs flew.


This horrible arbiter of justice, Colleen McMahon, a Clinton appointee, has ruled that Muslim ads can be displayed in the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s system, while AFDI and SIOA ads cannot.

We’ve dubbed the initial MTA ruling, the one that McMahon is circumventing for the benefit of Muslims, the Geller Rule. The Geller rule was put into effect after Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer began countering every pro-Muslim/anti-Israel propaganda that Islamic organizations put up.

For instance, this ad

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.30.23 PM

was a direct response, and parody, of this adjihad2

CAIR complained. Hearings were held. The MTA’s response was to put a halt on any ad that was deemed “political in nature.”

It didn’t take long for CAIR to find a sympathetic judge that would decree that Muslims aren’t political. They found hacktivist judge Colleen McMahon, a judge that gave the minimum sentence to the Newburgh Four terrorists.

When Muslims wanted to put up an ad for a pro-Muslim documentary called The Muslims Are Coming!, a propaganda movie made by Muslim comedians which is meant to counter “Islamophobia,” the MTA said no.


McMahon said, “yes,” explaining that it’s just an ad promoting comedy.

But it’s an ad promoting POLITICAL COMEDY. If a group of comedians got together and made a funny documentary about Israeliphobia and Palestine called “The Muslims Are Coming For Us!” it would be denied.

But leftist judges here in America do not have their eyes blindfolded when interpreting the law. They clearly rule according to their political philosophy.


13 Comments on NY Times Writes Editorial Condemning Judge With Pro-Sharia 1st Amendment Double Standard

  1. If a socialist hack hypocrite slimy ass judge can’t be a hypocritical, socialist, slimy ass hack judge, then who can be?

    Again, this is another, in the seemingly unending parade of examples, why we desperately need to purge our nation of liars, hypocrites, socialists, izlamists, and other assorted useful idiots.

    The descent into the maelstrom is accelerating.

  2. Vietvet- you freaking read my mind. Although in her case, for betraying the concept of “freedom of speech” she should only get a broken piece of glass with no painkillers.

  3. I think this is the fool that presided over the trial of Hiram Monserratte, the NYC politician that slashed a prostitute in the face with a broken bottle and nearly choked her to xeath and beat her brains in during a raging assault involving a limp penis.

    He was also caught stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax money to finance his personal bills while not paying his alimony and child support for his retarded child. She let him off after he admitted he was guilty with just two years in jail.

    Shes a good democrat that stands up and protects women just like Hitlery does. Women and children can rely on the NAZI Party to protect them… tha.ks Hitlery.

  4. Find her car. Find her chambers doors. Find her courtroom doors. Apply “Liberal” (bumper) stickers – liberally (see what I did there?).

    This douche thinks that when the muzzies attack, that 1) they will exempt her from the shari’a law because she ruled in their favor, or, 2) they will “eat” everyone else first, and be satiated enough that they will “eat” her last. Silly Libtard.

  5. did this brain-dead bint smear her slimy face with Vaseline? How else could it be so shiny? Maybe it’s so her face won’t stick to the backsides of the Filthy Moslem Savages that she is licking.

  6. Coleen McMahon, Damn! Another Rosy O’Donnell, what the fook is happenin’ to the Irish over here? Don’t they realize that their old Democrat Party is dead and gone. The party of Hubert Humphrey, Henry Scoop Jackson, and yes JFK, is gone, whooof, gone with the fooken wind. They are all now aligning with the socialists, commie sympathizers, and other vermin. For shame.

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