NYC: Arrested rioters are immediately released because of bail reform law

Yahoo!: While the city police made over 650 arrests on Monday night alone, Monahan said that “just about all of them” will be released without bail.

“We had some arrests in Brooklyn where they had guns, [and] hopefully [Brooklyn district attorney] Eric Gonzalez will keep them in, [but] I can’t guarantee that’ll happen,” Monahan said. “But when it comes to a burglary [at] a commercial store, which is looting, they’re back out. . . . Because of bail reform, you’re back out on the street the next day. You cannot be held on any sort of bail. I spoke to [Manhattan district attorney] Cy Vance about that, he told me there’s nothing he can do.”

New York’s bail-reform law, which went into effect earlier this year, eliminates the bail requirement for suspects accused of most misdemeanors, including burglary and stalking. Suspects in violent felonies are still required to post bail. Even before the law was adopted, New York law forbade judges from considering many suspects’ potential danger to the community before setting bail. more here

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  1. …. whoops!

    if you open your business you will be charged with a crime. if you loot that business you will not … no justice, no peace
    (good bumper sticker/tee shirt material)

  2. It will be all fun and games until one of these NYC Democrat politicians get killed in a riot.

  3. Just as a starting point – It’s time to make it a federal offense to participate in any protest by walking out onto any interstate highway.

  4. New York is lost until a Rudy Guiliani saves the city…AGAIN.

    Hey lefty voting New Yorkers. Do you really want to live in a place like that? I know some of you fuckers do but I know some of you DO NOT. Wake up!!!

  5. Pray for our America. Pray hard.

    These criminals will not be satisfied to loot stores. I fear they will be spreading out into the neighborhoods, stealing whatever they want and terrorizing whoever they choose. I can’t believe the lawlessness and zero response from so many who are paid to “serve and protect.”

  6. So the New Yorkers who are fed up with the hell their voting created will leave instead of Staying and changing their voting habits.

  7. Just curious- do you think the nyc looters know that there is over 800 million US dollars hidden somewhere in the mayor’s gracie mansion? Probably in small, untraceable bills, too.

  8. Catch and release may work fine for fishing but not for releasing criminals from jail due to bail reform. Unintended consequences strikes again or maybe not, this may have been the lefts goal all along.

  9. There is more than a little schadenfreude in seeing liberal policies come back to bite them in the ass. Banning plastic bags. Letting criminals out of jail (either for the Wu Flu or through bail reform).

  10. It’s like the original Ghost Busters, when Peck from the EPA ordered the release of the captured spirits.

  11. I love it when the plan for an entire city to win a Darwin Award comes together:
    1) See the arsonists burning down the city.
    2) Catch the arsonists.
    3) Release the arsonists.
    4) Repeat until the Darwin Award is won. (see Berlin 1945)

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