NYC health commissioner quits, citing Bill de Blasio’s failures on coronavirus

Post Millennial:

Dr. Oxiris Barbot resigned as New York City’s health commissioner today, stating Mayor Bill de Blasio’s complete failure in handling the coronavirus pandemic as the reason for her departure. This according to Fox News.

De Blasio appointed Dr. Dave A. Choksi as Barbot’s replacement after receiving her resignation letter.

Barbot said that she was disappointed to leave her post “during the most critical public health crisis in our lifetime,” but “that the Health Department’s incomparable disease control expertise was not used to the degree it could have been.” more

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  1. She also is the one who told New Yorkers to not worry about COVID 19 and to get out and enjoy life and ride the subway. You might remember she pushed the Chinese New Year festival after PDJT shut down travel to and from China. Her other sterling moment was when she dissed the NYPD after they requested masks and she basically said she didn’t care if they had masks.
    I am happy she is gone and happy she doesn’t like DeBlasio–win/win.

  2. She only quit due to his handling of the ‘Rona but she was OK with the rest of his blatant incompetence?


  3. She waited until now? So many good reasons to quit, but “you didn’t let me do it” is near the bottom those reasons.

  4. Why do they keep declaring deBlasio’s obvious successes as failures?
    He has unleashed anarchy, killed off hundreds of potential enemies, inspired terror in the citizenry, and disabled the economy!
    All aims of the Demonrat Totalitarians.

    Nothing left now but a Treblinka-style Gulag.

    New Yorkers have allowed themselves to be enslaved by a hoax.
    And a hoax by a lying sack of shit mayor!

    Fuck em. If they don’t care, why should anyone else?
    Put a fence around it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I wish someone could explain to me how these politicians, medical experts and just regular Joes and Janes have forgotten everything they’ve ever known about how you catch illnesses.

    Another conversation I had with my idiot sister. She has her granddaughter and was taking her granddaughter to meet a friend. So I ask her if she’s over being scared of getting sick now. She says, “no, but my granddaughter doesn’t go anywhere.” I said, “but you don’t know where the friend goes.” She says, “that doesn’t matter because she promised they would wear a mask.” I said, “so you think the mass is an invisible shield to the virus?” She says, “there is no way you can get sick if you have on a mask.” Then she complains that the town has a mask mandate but all these people are walking around without a mask. So I laughed and told her to chill out Karen it’s not a law and she’s outside. She said she wasn’t outside, she was in her car and I laughed again and said you really are a Karen if you wear it in the car as well. She got mad and said she wears it even when she’s asleep. So I asked her if she had funeral plans made because she’s going to die from suffocation or a bacteria infection that they label death due to covid. She told me I was the one going to die from the virus. Yep, I’ve heard that for months now, I’m still alive and kicking. Then I told her when I get back home next week I’m going to come see her. She really didn’t think that was funny because I’m carrying around the plague. lol


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