NYC Homeless Sent to North Carolina Despite Travel Ban


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration has sent dozens of homeless families to North Carolina despite his own ban on city employees traveling to the state, The New York Post reports.

De Blasio, a Democrat, instituted the ban in 2016, after the state passed its controversial “bathroom bill,” which it later partially repealed, though the mayor’s office maintains that the changes aren’t enough.

“He’s ignoring his own travel ban,” said North Carolina state Sen. Danny Britt, a Republican. “I think it’s just a clear example of another social justice warrior that is simply a hypocrite.”

New York City’s Special One-Time Assistance program has granted about $640,000 to North Carolina landlords to house 40 homeless families who had been living in homeless shelters run by the city. The program has come under fire from states and cities across the country, who are frequently not notified of the incoming residents or able to assure that the housing provided is adequate. read more

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  1. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore….and we’ll ship them to another state.”

  2. Wait, wait, aren’t we suppose to give the dummy liberals ALL the shit they need to correct their constant, normal, predictable F*uck-ups??

  3. why don’t all these ‘progressive’ socialist communists put their money where their collective pie-holes are, show some socialist compassion for their homeless & ship them off to various worker’s paradises like Cuba, Venezuela, China? … Sweden, Norway even? … how about the Vatican?

    I’m sure they’ll thrive much better under socialism …. right?

  4. Some were not sent that far, some were ‘shipped’ to Newark,NJ!

    All ‘families’ you see, of course…


    I find it humorous protestors in NYC, Portland, Minneapolis…. march on public streets, laying claim to “our streets”, knowing full well these dirtbags have never paid a dime in taxes.

    I find it infuriating that lib Mayors such as DiBlasio and Portland’s Ted Wheeler espouse “inclusivity” when welcoming illegals, Trannies, the dregs of society into their “sanctuaries”, yet bizarrely state “hate is not welcome in our city”, as if they have the authority to infringe on the constitutional rights granting Freedom of Movement.

    By their standards, they can prevent “others” from residing in their cities, while at the same time infringing on States rights by importing said “others” to those States.

  6. I say we send some of that fine North Carolina NFA weaponry, to the poor, beleaguered, patriots stuck behind enemy lines there in the People’s ‘Democratic’ Republic of New Yawkistan. 🤔

    It would be like “relief packages” to our troops in Bastogne, BEFORE the Battle of the Bulge. 😉


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