NYC Lawyer Admits to SCOTUS Gun Regulation Had No Impact on Safety


The lawyer defending New York City in a Second Amendment case on Monday admitted to the Supreme Court that the city’s gun restrictions had no impact on public safety and that gun rights extend beyond the home.

During oral arguments for New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. New York City, city attorney Richard Dearing told Justice Samuel Alito that a city regulation governing where gun owners could carry their firearms did not make residents safer. He said New York police determined “The rule could be repealed without a negative impact on public safety” before the state rolled it back. He went on to concede that the Second Amendment applies beyond the home, a core question at issue in the case.

“What I’m conceding is that, in the case of a premises license, the Second Amendment has something to say about what effective possession in the home means,” Dearing told Alito during oral arguments. “And sometimes that may mean … that a license holder needs to be able to undertake certain activities outside the home.” read more

9 Comments on NYC Lawyer Admits to SCOTUS Gun Regulation Had No Impact on Safety

  1. SCOTUS, I demand you read the plain text of the Constitution, do your damn job, and restore our Second Amendment rights.

  2. They only reason they are downplaying it is because they are hoping they can talk SCOTUS into dropping the case. Because they know how it is going to turn out. They are lying to save what little chance they have to impose new gun control.

  3. No one on the Left ever believes our current gun laws, that were pushed on us to make us safer, actually prevent the violent criminal use of guns, but they all seem to believe that having even more of them will.

  4. Facts don’t matter. The constitution doesn’t matter. Vote will be 4 to 4 with John Fucking Roberts casting the deciding vote.

  5. The people that gun control seeks to control do not commit gun crimes. Gun control is simply hatred of the innocent and the law abiding. And HATE is what leftist ,Progressive, Democrats do best.


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