NYC Mayoral Debate

NYC Mayoral Debate

Mayoral candidates Bill de Blasio, Nicole Malliotakis for NYC MAYOR 2017 and Bo Dietl For Mayor discuss New York City’s most important issues in the first debate of the 2017 General Election on Spectrum News NY1.


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8 Comments on NYC Mayoral Debate

  1. I love Bo Dietl. To much to see him mixed up in this shit storm. I hope he loses and moves to Montana. Life’s to short pal.

  2. BOzo Dietl did a lot of coke, prostitutes, and gambling back in the 80s and 90s, but money and the spotlight were always plentiful for him. He did so by creating a persona as a street smart tough guy that could do lots of magic. He was a fixer for a lot of wealthy businessmen and social types and wet the beaks of quite a few people in important positions to get things done along his way.

    His problem is he was never able to go beyond that persona and he locked himself into the character role of lovable but capable buffoon. He never earned the respect of his benefactors beyond that level, he was limited in his in usefulness. If he would have gotten serious and elevated himself by developing and refining his God given talents, he could have been Mayor of NYC. They might have seriously supported him.

  3. I began watching this hoping it’d cure my insomnia. Made it a little over halfway thru & between Bo & Diblaso I’m now deaf and BP up 20 pts.
    It started out with no surprises from DiBlasio, “these two right wing candidates who voted for Donald Trump. The same DT who railed against NY and NY values”. (Actually that was Cruz, but don’t let a little thing like facts get in the way).

    So Bo, needing to earn PC cred yells “I hate DT, I called him a liar!” WTF??? I used to think he was entertaining in small doses. But this performance shows he’s just another windbag who’ll say whatever to play to the audience. Came off unhinged (I know it’s his schtick) and could certainly name the problems, but thin on solutions.

    Malliotakis seemed knowledgeable, fearless & unapologetic for her “right wing” positions. Based on the audience response, she may surprise everyone & become the first female republican mayor of NY!
    Go Nicole!!!

  4. A far left liberal rats nest is never going to elect anyone other than another leftist rat. They’ve created the sewer they seem to want to wallow in and De Blasio is their idea of sophistication. He’ll be re-elected because thats what rats do.


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