NYC Out of Control – Thug Whips Victim On the Street and Attempts a Robbery

Broad daylight. Emboldened by de Blasio’s love of black thugs, a woman literally whips her target in the streets, unafraid of being recorded, and attempts to steal a pair of sneakers

Thank God for the man who kicks her in the back, a blow that seemed to semi-paralyze the thug. – BFH

Violent B.L.M. anarchist “Thugette” attacks White couple in New York. She knocks the husband off his bicycle and then attempts to rob both of them. Firemen arrive on scene shortly afterwards. – C. Steven Tucker

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  1. I love how she/it feigns a back injury in front of the firefighters and cameras. She/it will try her/its luck at the ghetto lottery.

  2. Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  3. What a repulsive pile of sub human excrement. The fire dept should have hosed her down the storm drain.

  4. When do the masses start fighting back? How many people stood around watching this happening?

  5. That’s a world I have no knowledge of nor will I ever encounter….fucking weird shit right there…..gonna go look at my 5 foot tomato plants and rub my dogs ears….fireflies at dark thirty….

  6. NY has always had a persistent rodent problem. Trying to steal sneakers is a first as far as I know though.

  7. I am at the point where I hesitate to even watch these types of videos any more. I know what I’m about to see and it crushes my soul; people all around the incident who do nothing or very little to intervene and protect the innocent victims.

  8. Never saw lord of the rings but I’m pretty sure that was gollum.

    Fat dude must have had a twinkie in his pocket,

    “precious! My precious!!!”

  9. Jerome Ave under the Number 4 El train in the Bronx, not too far north of Yankee Stadium.

    We live a few miles away! :>O

    Drug fueled and they might even know eachother…

  10. @Answerman Cooper – he passed away from CV-19 in a NYC operated/controlled nursing home.

    OR…perhaps maybe he moved to Florida? And survived?

    We do need a Death Wish 2020 though!

  11. This looks like it was in the gay village. I don’t really see any men there. Sorry, but fucking what happened to men?

  12. @Kcir – (Trudeau, prime minister blackface 3 times) – yes, it was a gay thing. I meant to mention that…the assaulted were, it appears, and the skel that attacked them with it would appear with nu chucks or something WAS.

    The sneakers were the motive…not kidding here. That is the level of depravity.

  13. Ghost, get the fudge out. Take the economic hit and go live someplace normal.

    The next 9 months are gonna’ suck for big cities.

  14. @Aaron Burr – we are getting out, well at least in a temporary way.

    We are headed for Devils Tower and the Badlands in a couple of weeks, for a couple of weeks, by rental vehicle.

    Are we crazy to go? OR this is our last licks in the bottom of the ninth?

    And we have two boys in a local HS that we want them to finish before we really bug out.

    Next year we can come visit YOU in the Great Southwest. Maybe at that Lake Club you suggested?? That’s when I will pick up that F-100 you still have to scrounge for me. The one I had was white (top) and blue (bottom).

    Of course this would be on the way to the Grand Canyon…that is my other church of God’s work.

    BTW I am educating the crew about…arms and self defense until we get the fudge out.

    And we do have an escape plan to the ADK’s if necessary in the form of a little cabin.

    Big cities have been on the wane for 50 years.

    Thanks for the concern!


  15. The guy hitting the other guy with the handbag was certainly gay, that’s both noun and verb. Then he kicked him, but really good, once. After he was pummeled by the other guy that pushed/pinned him against the parking sign.

    Not NY’s finest in terms of street fights. And then the FDNY shows up before the NYPD.

    This is our new form of policing in urban centers. But I have a feeling that fire truck was out on a run to begin with.

  16. From what I see in this video, with the vacuum of real justice (police and courts), vigilante justice will step in to fill the void. Bodies will litter the streets (dead men tell no tales, matey), there will be no witnesses, and “nobody don’ know nuttin”.

  17. I was told by a cop friend that a punch at the lower back of the head will put anybody down, druged or not. Some sort of touchy-feely nerve back there.

  18. I try not to see colors.. But BLACKS are driving people to become racists because of their utter BS! Respect is Earned not Given.. Don’t like being treated like a THUG then don’t act like one…


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