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NYC Pedestrian Trolls Bill Clinton

American Mirror: New Yorkers ask the darndest things.

Bill Clinton was left humiliated this week as he mugged for onlookers on the New York City street — and one of them asked about Monica Lewinsky.

Bubba was in the back of a black SUV when he rolled down the window while stopped at a red light.

“Manhattan — I ran into Bill Clinton,” the man says holding the camera as Clinton’s car was on E 125th Street in the clip tweeted by Breaking 911.

“You’re the best president, man. Trump gotta go,” he shouted to the former president as Clinton gave a thumbs up and saluted.

“Trump gotta go, Bill Clinton, Trump gotta go.”

He continued, “Tell Hillary I said what’s up, Bill Clinton,” the man continued as Bubba again flashed a thumbs up.

“Best president alive, man!” he said, then added, “How’s Monica?!?”

The man laughed as Bubba pretended he didn’t hear the question and rolled up the window.

“Look at him put the window up when I said, ‘How’s Monica?’” he said, laughing.

Twenty years ago this month, the Drudge Report broke the bombshell story that the president was having a sexual relationship with the White House intern.   GO SEE

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