NYC police union sues city to block vaccine mandate

Just The News: The largest police union in New York City filed a lawsuit Monday in an effort to block the city’s vaccine mandate from taking effect.

According to VOA News, the Police Benevolent Association’s lawsuit seeks to have the State Supreme Court block Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate because it doesn’t offer weekly testing as an alternative to getting the vaccine.

The union’s move comes as the deadline to provide proof of vaccination approaches.

Last week, de Blasio announced that city workers had until Nov. 1 to get at least one shot, or potentially face termination. 

According to the mandate, workers will first be placed on administrative leave until a final decision concerning termination is made.

NYPD’s legal division is in support of the Mayor’s order, saying in a statement that the mandate is “lawful” and helps to keep New Yorkers safe. more

5 Comments on NYC police union sues city to block vaccine mandate

  1. Too bad our GOP reps both in DC and in states are too whimpy to stand up against these dictates.
    My husband works with a woman who came here from the Eastern Bloc of commie countries and is very upset about what is being allowed.

    I am trying to talk my hubby into getting another job but he is still trying to get out of the clot shot.
    This is all just wrong.
    In the meantime General Mills ahs brought in Haitians, Africans and Afghanis with no vetting, no health checks, nothing. They are stealing from stores so much that the business are going to hire their own security as the cops can only get there after the thieves are gone.
    No clot shot dictates for them.
    Oh no.
    Don’t want to appear raaaaccccisssss!

  2. I say “eff’m”. Those pos’s followed their superiors’ orders to stand down against blm/antifa to keep their careers. Well now they have to get the clot shot to keep their jobs. I guess they better follow orders. Too bad if they get sick. This is “karma” for not keeping their oath to the US Constitution and not enforcing the law.

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  5. That ‘legal division’ of non-LEOs has been compromised and paid off by the known commie de Blasio with Biden’s cv corruption money to be in agreement with him. The union and LEOs do not agree and will walk off en masse.

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