NYC Restaurants Slash Staff over $15 Minimum Wage


New York City restaurants, feeling the pinch of trying to make ends meet, are slashing their staff after a state law that took effect at the end of 2018 is mandating restaurants with 11 or more workers to pay a $15 an hour minimum wage.

The legal minimum wage in New York City rose from $13 to $15 on December 31, 2018, giving workers a temporary hourly raise while forcing employers to cut those employees’ hours to make ends meet.

The wage hike is the city’s third since December 31, 2016, when the city’s minimum wage rose to $11 an hour.

The latest state-mandated minimum wage increase is being phased in across different parts of the state until 2021 when most of the state’s workers will receive a $15 an hour minimum wage.

Jon Bloostein, the operator of six New York City restaurants with 50 to 110 workers on the payroll at each, said the wage hike is “an immense cost” for his business to shoulder.

“We lost control of our largest controllable expense,” he told CBS News. “So in order to live with that and stay in business, we’re cutting hours.” MORE

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  1. Gee, who could have predicted this outcome?

    Oh, yeah… ANYONE with an understanding of basic economics!

  2. Well, with welfare worth (total) about $50,000/yr (~$25/hr) those sociology and philosophy and women’s, negro, and queer studies majors will make out like bandits.

    That’s the idea, isn’t it? More people on welfare?

    Transparent as glass but still oscuro to the benighted masses of mal-educated.
    VORWARTS! Into the Brave New World!

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. @Peter the Bubblehead
    Must be something in the water – the toxicity of Lake Champlain maybe – because Vermont (the Left Coast of New England) is headed in the very same direction.
    The Exodus began about a decade ago, especially the millennial and the retired.
    Our claim to fame is the importation of migrants from Brooklyn (Bernie), as well as a wealth of ethnic diversity (LGBTQ?, Yeman, Somali) though not on the scale of sanctuary city Portland, Maine.
    “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down, that the mountains would quake at your presence!” Isaiah 64:1-8

  4. How to GET RICH on $15/hr:

    Full time $15/hr = $31,000 per year.

    Live frugal (it is MINIMUM wage):
    $500/mo rent = $6000/yr
    $300/mo food = $3600
    $300/mo car payment = $3600
    $150/mo accessories (clothing, etc) = $1800
    $200/mo bills (gas, electric) = $2400
    $180/mo taxes/misc expenses = $2160
    $100/mo walking around cash = $1200
    TOTAL: $20,760 expenses per year.
    REMAINDER: $10,240

    INVEST: $10,240 per year at 8%.
    REINVEST: that 8%.

    Do that for 26.5 years in a row.
    At 26.5 years, the minimum wage worker will accumulate exactly $1,000,000.00.

    Assuming working age is from 20 to 55, that’s 35 working years.

    CONTINUE to invest that $10,240 until 55 y/o.

    At age 55, a minimum wage $15/hr worker investing the remainder at 8% will have… ready for this..? TWO MILLION DOLLARS!

    Take advantage of parent’s basement until 30 (as is the norm these days) so you don’t have expenses, and that $2,000,000 will easily turn into $4,000,000 or more by age 55.

    Quite the livable wage!

  5. Get a .50 cents an hour government mandated pay raise, lose $10.00 an hour in tips, have hours cut. Is New York great or what?

  6. …pretty close, @Jellybean. Being Communist, they want to nationalize everything, restaurants included. This is just the part where they make it so they can’t survive as private businesses. Phase 2 is to make them Government workers. Soon, your favorate restaurant will have TSA quality staffers and DMV level service, with your food preparation by smiling Muslims to their cultural standards

    …all part of the plan…


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