NYC spends $6.5 million to renovate building for free pre-K … for 18 students!

EAGnews: NEW YORK – For a mere $6.5 million, New York City’s School Construction Authority renovated a former clothing store on Fifth Avenue into a “state-of-the-art” facility for 18 students to participate in its new, free pre-K program.

“I was incredulous,” Community Education Council 20 president Laurie Windsor told the New York Post. “This is so much money. So much money on a site that only houses only one class.”

Windsor told the news site that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration was desperate to meet demand in the Bay Ridge area for his new universal free pre-K program and dumped the money into the city-owned building to create classroom space.


8 Comments on NYC spends $6.5 million to renovate building for free pre-K … for 18 students!

  1. You’ll see a lot more state-of-the-art projects if Hillary gets in, the justification need be only in historic value. First up, HSU, Hate Speech Univ., in a historic move to quench the seething hate from conservatives where tuition is free, paid by IRS inquiries of TEA parties.

  2. This Pre-K crap is just an excuse to put more $ in the pockets of teachers and other politically connected entities. These people don’t give a rat’s ass about any kids – no matter what their age!

  3. cfm990 – yeah, but it all adds up and they know it. Anything to weaken America and this is one of the tactics, wildly spending over taxed-payer money, willy-nilly and in so doing they are letting the air out of the financial tires of this country with this and all the Cloward-Piven Communist tactics. After eight years we’re limping with close to a 20 Trillion dollar debt!

  4. Come on, aren’t our kids worth it?
    If spending a few million dollars per kid has any chance of improving their life, isn’t it worth it?
    Don’t you care about children?
    When you compare how much is wasted on things like roads, national defense, police, etc… would even spending $1billion per child be too much?

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