NYC subway creep with ‘sexual emergency’ is Muslim, not Hispanic

Geller Report: VILE Subway ejaculator is Muslim not Hispanic. There was shock and horror in NYC when news of this sex crime by “Hispanic male” were first reported. The depraved and perverted act took place at eight in the morning when all of us — schoolkids, students, moms, wives, daughters use the NYC transit system. The station was 59th street and Columbus Circle — the stop for Central Park, the Time Warner building (CNN) — one of the most beautiful areas of the city. The APB was for a “Hispanic male” with no knowledge of the attacker’s ethnicity. How is that not “racist”? Could you imagine if a Hispanic perp was immediately assumed to be Muslim? There would be terror-tied CAIR lawsuits and reprisals nationwide.  more here

7 Comments on NYC subway creep with ‘sexual emergency’ is Muslim, not Hispanic

  1. “Nut Busted For Ejaculating On Straphanger”. “Nut busted” makes that the hands-down winner for Headline of The Year.

    IMHO, anyway.


  2. A nut busted a nut…
    Castration will cure him forever.
    Then off to muzzie land Africa with him!

  3. please, please people, don’t blame a whole culture of people for one whack jobs actions that the whole culture wishes they could do and get away with as well. wait what? oh, never mind.

  4. This is gross and unacceptable regardless of what race you are! To have it being done by a third world cretin almost gives the nutter an excuse.


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