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NYC Will Still Get Its “Tribute of Light” On 9/11

Daily Wire

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum announced that the annual “Tribute in Light” — an artistic light installation that projects twin beams into the Manhattan skyline as a memorial to the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks — actually won’t be cancelled this year after all.

“For the last eight years the 9/11 Memorial & Museum has produced the Tribute in Light and we recognize the profound meaning it has for so many New Yorkers. This year, its message of hope, endurance, and resilience are more important than ever,” said museum president Alice Greenwald in a statement. “In the last 24 hours we’ve had conversations with many interested parties and believe we will be able to stage the tribute in a safe and appropriate fashion.” More

7 Comments on NYC Will Still Get Its “Tribute of Light” On 9/11

  1. Caracas on the Hudson is being run by Leftist Lunatics who don’t have time to remember America’s heroes. Walking around New York City used to be a great experience. It was full of patriotic Americans. The Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Statue of Liberty and all those great skyscrapers welcomed American servicemen coming home from two world wars with parades and celebrations that honored our great contributions to ending fascism and tyranny. Now, the place has descended into a Third World Shithole that needs to call out the National Guard to clean out the progressive vermin.

  2. Take that Comrade deBlasio!
    Oh, and BTW Herr Cuomo, keep trying and we will keep laughing at your attempts. We know you and your murderous policies, and when you try to deflect.

  3. @Larry’s Bro – as long as they don’t bring their politics with them (unless they move to the west coast)

  4. Apparently the muzz left, in their mad dash to erase American history, just found out that recent history witnessed and remembered by millions that are still alive, is a bit tricky.

    Easier to erase history of generations long gone and no longer taught in history class.



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