NYC woman flies to Iowa, confronts de Blasio over city’s public housing

American Mirror: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to be America’s president, but the folks who know him best seem to think it’s a really bad idea.

One New Yorker, Tita Concepcion, contends the problems are so bad with the city’s public housing department and de Blasio’s administration is so unresponsive, she was forced to travel across the country to Sioux City to confront the mayor about his failures.

Grace Rauh, political reporter for NY1, followed de Blasio on the recent trips to Iowa and South Carolina, highlighting the steady stream of hypocrisy that’s becoming the overarching theme of his campaign.


“Tina Concepcion live in public housing in New York and came all the way to Sioux City to confront Mayor de Blasio about the problems at @NYCHA,” Rauh posted to Twitter Saturday. “New Yorkers, if you want some face time with your mayor, he’ll be in South Carolina today and tomorrow morning.”

Concepcion isn’t the only New Yorker frustrated with the mayor’s busy schedule, or his lack of leadership.  MORE HERE

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  1. “Once inside, de Blasio helped himself to a heaping helping of southern classics, served in Styrofoam cups and plates he has banned New Yorkers from using.”

    And that, my friends, is it in a nutshell:
    “For me, but not for thee.”

  2. $1200.00 flight from nyc to sux. NY1 paid for it no doubt.

    NY must really be a shithole. Dont know if i’d ever want to go there.

  3. THAT is called courage, NOT what Justine said about the POTUS, according to Willard Mittens.

    Well done, well documented, hit and taken DOWN.

    I am thinking Bronx…

    @ Charliewalksonwater – there was a story thread the other day. And since YOU walk on water…

    Well, while in NY this past weekend was something called Sacred Sites Open House NY, where houses of worship open up the doors to buildings that you cannot usually get into. Went to FIVE churches

    So I was at St. James Episcopal Church Fordham, 190th and Jerome Ave. I walked out of the church to the car, got a ticket $35 bucks not bad for NYC, and got into the car, started it up, got the tea going, fired up a Backwoods.

    Was ready to pull out of the space and I looked left and across the way at 9:00?? A Prostitute giving me the come along!! And a dude looks like a lady no less…

    To get to that church, I drove under Jerome Ave, north of the Cross Bronx Expy the Ave is lined with car mechanic ad hoc shops and electronics stores. Almost Mad Max like but with an EL over you and traffic lights, the attitude the same.

    Ghost is from the Bronx and yes it is far worse under DiCommio and the graffiti is exploding in the outer boroughs, highways and train right of ways and made it into the burbs.

  4. How NYC was dumb enough to elect and re-elelct this oaf can only be compared to obama’s election and re-election.

    While we had mittens romney to blame for barry’s first election, and we have mccain and christie to blame for his second, no one but NYC is to blame for either of de blasio’s election, except New Yorkers.

    Good work, idiots.

  5. De blah See oh is just taking a cue from Obozo and leading (?) from behind. Who is he going to pick as a running mate, AOC?

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