NYC Women attempted to build bombs for US soil attack

“Why we can’t be some real bad bitches?”

Breaking 911-

… At the federal courthouse in Brooklyn, Asia Siddiqui and Noelle Velentzas, both citizens of the United States and residents of Queens, pleaded guilty to teaching and distributing information pertaining to the making and use of an explosive, destructive device, and weapon of mass destruction, intending that it be used to commit a federal crime of violence. When sentenced, the defendants face up to 20 years in prison. read more

15 Comments on NYC Women attempted to build bombs for US soil attack

  1. Just a population of crazies looking to terrorize the nation thanks to that clown obama. Nothing serious.

  2. The question you SHOULD be asking is what you white bible clingers did to make them angry enough to try to build bombs, apologize for it and give them a million dollars each for making them mad.

    Hey is anybody listening to us anymore? Why aren’t you listening to us anymore? Who do you think you are? We’re smarter than you, you need to listen to us! WE will tell you what conservatism is!

  3. An example of our new “diversity”. Born here of not these are angry third world scum and are just two of what is probably thousands who harbor an animosity to our way of life. There will be lots more like them acting out.

  4. Glad they were caught. Speaking of caught, I’m still waiting for that little Tsarnaev puke to get the needle.

  5. Sounds like a “home front contingency operation” going on. Or as the Demorats call it “a debate of ideas.”

    You know these wimmin of the religion of peace didn’t come up with this on their own – there’s got to be a goat lover in there somewhere.

  6. Lets all hope that these POS losers get waterboarded for the next few decades daily…. may camel turd be upon their heads if nothing else.

  7. Thanks to Obama and other like minded scum there’s a seething hatred of everything about this country. They’ve fostered a time bomb and the fuse is burning short.
    It’s a shame that more people don’t see through this and continue with the idiotic party loyalty instead of sensing the danger that’s going to exact a terrible price in the not too distant future.

  8. Credit where credit is due. Job well done FBI.

    Now let’s hope the cunts don’t escape and flee to Cuba.

  9. President Lazlo will stop this bullshit right quick.
    Make her dig her own grave.
    Tie her ass to a post.
    Slaughter two pigs and roll them in the hole.
    Shoot this bitch in the face and drop her in the hole.
    Then bury her while filming.
    Then get on camera announcing this is what will be done with every Muslim terrorist captured or killed.
    Then shift to a video of feral hogs taking over Texas, and remind the world that we have an endless supply of hogs.


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