NYC’s De Blasio Deports Thousands of Homeless Families Across America

Golly. I thought he loved ‘The People’ *raises fist,* open borders, illegal aliens and refugees. Why was he importing them only to send them away?
– Because he’s a Socialist dope, that’s why.


Cities across the United States are grappling with large homeless populations, but New York City decided to deal with the problem by relocating those sleeping in the streets or in shelters to other American cities.

The New York Post reported that city records show that homeless people have been sent to 373 American cities.

The Post also reported that since the program started in 2017, New York has relocated 5,074 families, or 12,482 people, to other areas in the city, the state, and around the country.

Cities selected for homeless relocation include several in New Jersey and Georgia, according the Atlanta Journal Constitution: MORE HERE

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  1. Wait-A-Hold-It…. How can he do that? He doesn’t own them… does he?? Oh wait, I see… this is his ammunition to use against other states! We’re now just like any other 3rd world country with little dictators at war with each other!

  2. Perhaps other city’s with rat and raccoon problems should live trap those rats/raccoons and then deport them to NYC. Call it socialist justice.

  3. That’s what I’d do with em.
    Just can’t understand why anyone else would take em!

    That’s what mexico, guatemala, el salvador, venezuela, honduras, nicaraugua, costa rica, panama, iran, iraq, somalia, chad, libya, turkey, ethiopia, and the rest of those shit-holes are doing. Why should new york city (another shit-hole) do any differently? CA’s doing it on the sly. Nobody REALLY wants to be inundated with rat-people – regardless of their lies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. They’ve been doing it for years, check out the “orphan trains” from their past. Dumping your unwanted mistakes.

  5. So we can trace the serial numbers of the homeless, back to NYC?!?!

    Then states with ILLEGALLY IMPORTED, high capacity, assault homeless, need to STOP doing local & state gummint business with NYC, and forbid their employees from the same!!!

  6. The poor need to be relocated to red areas so you rich privileged rethugliKKKsns can see what your unfair crapitalistic system did to them.

  7. Really why liberalism needs to defeated to a minority party with little influence. Cities have been buying bus tickets and sending homeless to other cities for decades. And illegals. They dump them in cities at bus depots with money. Make it someone else’s problem. That means it is all of our problem. I’d be all for just sending them back.

  8. He needs to go more large scale on the internal deportations just like his hero Stalin did.
    The history books aren’t waiting, so he must hurry


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