NYPD asks public for help on a pubic offense

Breitbart: New York City’s police are soliciting the public’s help in identifying a couple they claim had sex on a Manhattan subway platform in front of passengers, reported a local Fox News affiliate.

The NYPD released a photo of a man wanted for questioning in relation to the incident, which occurred the Sunday morning of November 22. more

16 Comments on NYPD asks public for help on a pubic offense

  1. “Cops described the male suspect as having brown eyes and weighing about 200 pounds.”

    Boy, that narrows it down. Shouldn’t take long to get him now.

  2. Surely someone has picture of him with his pants down, the cops should publish that. Maybe he has distinguishing marks. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s video of the whole thing. What about the woman? She’s a pro, well known to the police, they call her Gaggin’ Annie.


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