NYPD K9 Units Gather Supplies for ‘War Dogs’ Deployed Overseas

Breitbart: The New York Police Department’s (NYPD) K9 units gathered supplies Wednesday for military dog units deployed to the Middle East during Christmas.

The NYPD tweeted a photo of K9 Russel standing among the items that will be placed in the Operation War Dog care packages sent to Afghanistan this weekend: MORE HERE

6 Comments on NYPD K9 Units Gather Supplies for ‘War Dogs’ Deployed Overseas

  1. I collected a big bag of treats but I ate them all. What did you expect, I’m a dog.

    Seriously though, I would have made a donation if I had known about this. Love dogs.

  2. Is there a point of contact number one could be directed to contact for donating time and stuff?

    Also, to donating folk.
    Don’t send food or chew leather ears. NONE.
    Don’t send treats. NONE.
    Don’t need to send money, that’s not the point but is acceptable if that’s available.
    Send grooming stuffs. Not fluffy stuff.
    Send Good Leashes.
    Send Ear Cleaning stuffs.
    Clean Ears are good things.
    Sending Toys is OK but not really needed.

    Thanks Yous


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