NYPD: MS-13 Gang Targeting Police Officers At Their Homes

Breaking 911: NEW YORK — MS-13 gang members are reportedly targeting NYPD officers to gain “street credibility” — particularly officers in Long Island.

A circulating bulletin says that the gang members would carry out the attacks on off-duty officers at their homes.

“Intel has been obtained that members of MS13 are looking to ‘hit’ NYPD police officers, specifically in the Brentwood/Central Islip area, as well as possibly Patchogue in order to gain street credibility,” the memo says.  MORE

12 Comments on NYPD: MS-13 Gang Targeting Police Officers At Their Homes

  1. Too bad they don’t target demoratz.
    I feel vigilantism is close at hand.
    I know I am ready.Now where did I put
    that “list” I got from WesternRifleShooters…

  2. Nancy Boys. Maxi-boys. We need to call them by their sponsor’s names.

    Let’s deport them directly to Pelosi and Waters’ districts, lots of fresh rich bastards to prey upon.

  3. Think it’s a just a misinterpreted promo for a new Dick Wolf series – Law and Order – No one gives a F’,,,

  4. I love diversity. Its our strength. Maybe these guys don’t know of the vast wealth concealed at the homes of Leftists/Marxists/NY Times readers.

    Lets send MS-13 the NY Timers subscription list. Redistribute the wealth.

  5. In Vermont’s anti gun, one party government, will the law abiding deer hunters end up turning on their representatives? As the liberal ruling elites transform the state into their utopian playpen it’s hard to imagine the horrors of the unintended consequences based on their new rules of law.

  6. If action is taken against the gang members in the way of lethal defense then those doing so can expect the wrath of the left to follow. Charged and imprisoned for human rights violations as well as race hate accusations will follow. Of course the defenders will also be smeared in the news media.
    That’s how the left beats people down and makes them reluctant to defend themselves with the normal vigor.

  7. That’s part of the great salary and befits packages we give them – risk taking. I’ll start believing it when I see it on FOX that MS-13 has launched the first strike. Rumors are cheap.


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