NYPD Officer Given Razor Blade In Sandwich


An on-duty NYPD officer was injured Thursday after biting a razor that was stuffed inside a steak sandwich he purchased at a Queens deli.

The veteran officer, 56, suffered a cut inside his mouth as he bit into the sandwich from Bon Appetit Specialty Food Store in Rockaway Park. He was in plainclothes when he placed his order but arrived at the deli in a marked police car and “was clearly identifiable as a cop.”

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea promised a full investigation:

“Thank God he didn’t swallow that blade,” a source told the New York Post. “He could have sustained serious life-threatening injuries if he did.” More

13 Comments on NYPD Officer Given Razor Blade In Sandwich

  1. Bon Voyage to Bon Appetit. The actions of one disgusting thug employee will probably cause the owner to lose his business and put people out of work. I hope the scum that planted the blade gets the next 20 years of their life in a shithole of a jail as reward for their action.

  2. I can see bad things happening to the perv who did that. They WILL be found out! Nobody who did such a thing can remain hidden. Their ID will be revealed.

  3. It was an accident … nothing to see here … we just wanna make sure this never happens again … fo da l’il chillens …

    Pick one. Or two.

    Open season on cops in NY City – has been for a while.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. This is what I love about The United States. The concern, genuine and sincere, for the safety and happiness, of the grunts of those that call Americans “enemy”, is truly heartwarming. Especially at this, Xmas season.

  5. Hey, guys this NYC after all. DeBlasio will probably honor this cowardly piece of (fill in your favorite choice) with a special day.

  6. I don’t want this guy arrested, I want him to have unfortunate “accidents”. Nice kneecaps ya got there. Be a real shame if something was to happen to ’em.

  7. Attempted first degree murder. Plus hate crime enhancement.

    Probably gets plea bargained down to jay-walking.


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