NYPD Sees Growing Number of Suicides and Officers Speak out Against de Blasio on the Anti-Cop Climate

Dan Bongino:

A 48-year-old male retired New York City police sergeant killed himself yesterday “adding to the growing number of police officers protecting the country’s biggest city who have committed suicide this year” reported Fox News.

The officer’s identity has not been publicly released, but he shot himself in the head while in his parked car in a parking lot on Staten Island. Commissioner James O’Neill says there is a “mental-health crisis” amongst officers, as yesterday’s suicide was the 10th suicide of NYPD officers.

President of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association of the City of New York, Patrick Lynch, has urged his officers to seek help and called on politicians “to back the city’s officers, stop demonizing them and do more than what he described as ‘a few tweets and menta health awareness posters.” more here

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  1. I don’t think this is a problem specific to NYPD officers or even cops in general. Although I have stressed the growing prevalence of the “Furgeson Effect” within the LE agencies of big cities, endemic of growing distrust among the rank and file, the rate of suicide has increased throughout our society; the military, working professionals, over stressed kids, by the numbers the suicide rates had increased by 30% over the last 2 decades.

    No, this problem goes much deeper; increased suicides, opiate addiction, overdoses, depression (25% of Millenials admit they have no friends), isolation, apathy, mental health issues.

    I draw a direct line between turning away from God, family, and morality to this nationwide depression and misery. Without a moral compass, a reason for existence, and a code of conduct that prevails above Nihilism and Narcissism, life is empty, aimless, and unsatisfying.

  2. Horrible. RIP.

    Please stop the self-murder. Just move out to Arden. You can sit at our kitchen table and have some coffee and eggs, and some rashers of bacon. Let’s talk about cows. Let’s talk about cars, and engines, and tractors, and chickens.

    None of us need that other shit.

  3. How the people of nyc tolerate this selfish, incompetent loon of an oaf is beyond comprehension.

    They deserve him.

    LA’s idiot mayor isn’t far behind.

  4. Mr Taylor hits the nail squarely on the head. What are we without G-d? What are we without Divine Light? What are we without Providence?


    Hast thou, then, nothing more to mention?
    Com’st ever, thus, with ill intention?
    Find’st nothing right on earth, eternally?


    No, Lord! I find things, there, still bad as they can be.
    Man’s misery even to pity moves my nature;
    I’ve scarce the heart to plague the wretched creature.


    To the eyes of MEPHISTOPHELES we are wretched creatures. And we ARE when we are bereft of G-d.

    I find it interesting that Mr Taylor of our group is the same name as the translator Bayard Taylor.

  5. The problems derive from our societal decay in general. The causes can be directly related to those elected officials who put self interests ahead of all else. Their poor decisions and efforts to transform our country into something very few of the citizens agree with or understand. The flooding in of foreigners and the constant attacks on the country’s backbone {The middle class} have eroded the peoples confidence and sense of well being.
    The schools are poisoning the minds of the youth and the radical press is fueling more dissension. The large corporations no longer see themselves as American companies and conduct business without regard for harm to the public well being.
    With all this going on the voters continue to elect radicals to represent them.
    The country is almost completely lost and unrecognizable from what it once was and to return it to it’s foundational structure is going to be nearly impossible.
    What lies ahead is an open question but it isn’t going to be a pleasant experience.

  6. Anon Erik and Rich, your finger is on the pulse.
    Without a higher purpose we are beasts, devoid of the joys of civilization.
    God gives us a center
    A Foucault’s Pendulum, a stable point in the cosmos around which revolves the universe
    Without God we are rudderless, blind and without stars to sail by.


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