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NYPD Stops Arresting People for Minor Crimes in Manhattan

homeless peeing in street nyc

NBC: A number of offenses that could have landed New Yorkers in handcuffs will now result in just a summons.

People who commit low-level crimes — like littering, public urination, taking up two subway seats or public consumption of alcohol — will no longer be subject to arrest in Manhattan starting Monday.

Before Monday’s policy went into effect, officers had to arrest someone committing a low-level crime if he or she had an open summons. More than 1 million New Yorkers have open summonses for failing to appear in court, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.   more

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  1. The long slide downwards-couple it with the animosity DeBlassio is directing at the police and you have the makings of a cesspool.

  2. Intolerance of low-level crimes was the centerpiece of Giuliani’s plan to drive down ALL crimes to levels not seen since the early 1960s. As someone who witnessed that process firsthand, I can tell you that de Blasio is a very stupid mayor to be making this suicidal mistake in the name of “racial tolerance.”

  3. That kind of policy has worked very well here in the bay area.
    Since SF instituted the same thing the animals have been migrating there. It has improved the surrounding areas substantially.

  4. Eff you, New York. You blindly voted this commie into office. You are getting exactly the third-world communist hell holed you deserve. Enjoy that lovely scent of urine everywhere you go!

  5. Hey don’t get mad at De Blasio! He may be doing you a favor! Just ship him all your petty offenders and homeless!. Give them a one way ticket. When they are gone, hopefully for good, to pig of the New York taxpayers and to piss on their streets send him a thank you card for making your community more livable!

  6. If Attorneys General, Secretaries of State, and pretend Preznits are NOT held accountable to the law,
    why would one bother with anyone else ?

  7. It’s only in Manhattan. A-OK Public peeing, public drinking, spitting, littering, and what about your dog crapping?
    White privilege.

    The new rules don’t apply in neighborhoods where people come in colors from pink to black and everything in between.

  8. So let’s see if I’ve got this straight…these people will now only be given a summons. Previously police had to arrest people only if they had an open summons – in other words, if they had done it before. Now they’ll just give them another summons they can ignore. Yep, that should work. Sigh.

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