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NYPD undercover foils jihad bomb plot

Pamela Geller: This story quotes a Muslim professor saying that “for an undercover to be seeded in a community for that long without a specific target raises some deeply troubling questions about the direction of policing in our city.” What should really raise some deeply troubling questions is that this program was ended by Mayor “Red Bill” de Blasio, and that when it was ended, it was widely reported that it had not resulted in the foiling of a single plot, and only now is it revealed that this undercover agent exposed a jihad bombing plot in the city.

Islamic groups and their running dogs on the left decried the “surveillance of innocent Muslims.” Were the Muslims surveilled in this program and indicted in this New York bomb plot “innocent”?

How many need to die?  

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  1. ‘I grew up here. To have this happen because of your religion, or your political views, it’s scary. You feel alienated. And you don’t feel like this is your home,’ So says the moslim student.

    But you’ve got the president, the mayor, hell most of the culture at your six.

    Conservatives, especially Christians are openly labeled as domestic terrorists and bear the brunt of the federal government alphabet agencies including the iRS, ATF, EPA…

    Yet it’s moslims that are setting off pressure cookers, attacking art shows, going coast to coast killing people in sniper attacks, attacking military bases and recruiting stations including the 13 people killed at Ft Hood, countless(now) lone wolf attacks resulting in death and maiming, a number of vehicular attacks by moslims driving into crowds and killing people and for the cherry on top, an OK beheading.

    Guess what moslim student? If this is how you want to live, why don’t you go to one of your moslim shitholes and make yourself at home there?

  2. Gee Wally, maybe we shoulda given them an award for having “standards” since they only wanted to kill police or military personnel, not indiscriminately killing everyone in sight!

    Yeah right Beave. I’m sure DeBlasio will be glad to point that out to the cops too!

  3. It’s almost as if that muslim prof would like to see the little clockmakers in his community successfully blow up infidels, rather than have DHS roust the punks from their clockmaking at 2:00 AM and haul them quietly away to interrogation. I guess it’s because the MSM only comes to ask about an anti-muslim backlash after successful attacks.

  4. When a nation voluntarily decides that self defense is racist, then we’ve already lost–just like Europe.
    But that’s what happens when you elect a traitor to the Oval Office or Gracie Mansion.

  5. The New York City Police Department is the finest on the planet. After 2001, they wrote the book on counterterrorism. In 2003, a plot to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge was scuttled because the terrorists didn’t see how they could get over on the cops. The department has several intelligence officers placed in strategic spots abroad reporting home to New York.

    If terrorists want to attack New York, I say go for it. I’ll sit by LMAO when Bill Bratton lops off their noggins with a sword.

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