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NYPD’s Chief of Patrol resigns over rift with de Blasio

FOX: The NYPD chief responsible for tens of thousands of uniformed patrol officers abruptly resigned Tuesday — frustrated by needling micromanagement from Mayor de Blasio, according to police sources.

NYPD Chief of Patrol Fausto Pichardo hit his breaking point after working long hours covering protests against state-imposed coronavirus lockdowns in Borough Park last week — only to be harangued by the mayor afterward, the sources said.

When he got home from one of the shifts, Pichardo missed a call from Mayor de Blasio — who summoned him to City Hall on Friday to chew him out for the oversight, sources said.

Hizzoner “routinely loses his s—t about missed phone calls,” another source added.

Then, on Saturday night, the mayor’s office texted Pichardo several times about a house party in the Bronx, a law enforcement source said, explaining that dealing with such an issue should fall to the precinct’s commander.

“This is nothing but inappropriate meddling from a person who doesn’t know anything about patrol — even though he has been here for seven years,” the source said of de Blasio.

City Hall did not immediately return a request for comment.

It was unclear when his last day would be — though it can come in the next 30 days.

Pichardo, who oversees the department’s “largest and most visible bureau” — including a majority of its nearly 24,000 uniformed police officers — was appointed by Police Commissioner Dermot Shea in December, according to the NYPD. more

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  1. I don’t follow NYC politics and can’t be bothered to look up the 2016 mayor race to see who ran against this belligerent, stupid, incompetent, abusive, antisemitic, pro-mohammadmen, fatuous, ego- and megalomaniacal jackass. Does anybody have a theory how this politithug got re-elected? Keep it brief: my attention span for this shit is pretty short. I’m just barely interested enough to type this. Barely.

  2. Good for him, I hope they all leave. The top brass in place now are really good guys that were super active back when they were street cops. It is a shame what’s happening, could have been like it was in the early 90’s when the top brass was excellent and took the cuffs off of the street cops and let us do what needed to be done. Nope, not now with all of this made up racism and police brutality. Sidenote, when one becomes Police Commish they sell their souls. My friend worked with the current Commish in a city wide plain cothes unit named “street crime” very assertive unit, guns guns guns and more guns, that was the objective and Shea was very good by all accounts, fighting and disarming perps…..now not so much


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