NYS Finally Admits They Counted People Admitted To Hospital “WITH” Covid Not “FROM” Covid – IOTW Report

NYS Finally Admits They Counted People Admitted To Hospital “WITH” Covid Not “FROM” Covid


New York hospitals admit that nearly HALF of their ‘covid’ patients were admitted for other reasons after Gov. Kathy Hochul ordered them to disclose the key statistic

  • New York hospitals revealed Friday that 42% of COVID patients were admitted for other reasons, and tested positive for the virus only incidentally
  • In NYC, the rate is higher with 51% of COVID patients admitted for other reasons 
  • Gov. Hochul pushed for the data after seeing total hospitalizations hold steady
  • Omicron appears to be driving a higher rate of incidental hospitalization 

No shit. Now tell pillow-biting assholes that what the state to “control me harder, Daddy!”

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  1. Who the hell is going to the hospital for the sniffles in the winter?

    And WHY?

    …it’s not like they’re going to TREAT them or anything, so the ENTIRE EXERCISE is pointlessly, expensively dangerous for the patient.

    I know what the HOSPITAL gets out of it, but what does the PATIENT?

    Yes, Munchausen Syndrome, yes media fear, yes, obedience, but are there REALLY that many cowardly, obedient, and/or attention seeking people on a DAILY BASIS to give the hospitals and the Democrats the cannon fodder they need?

    …or is Dominion toting up stats for the hospitals, too?

    …if not, maybe Pedo DID get 81 million votes.

    Because going to the hospital when you’re not sick is a SPECIAL kind of stupid, and there seems to be one HELL of a LOT of it…

  2. “Who will be the first to admit counting deaths “FROM” the jab, not “WITH” the jab?”

    They won’t, they refuse to even count them if they die within 48 hour of getting the jab. When they die months up to 2 years after they sure as hell won’t count them. My guess is they will even start to manipulate the death numbers to not show excess deaths.

    People will know of course when all of their friends and family start dying and the one common denominator is they all were jabbed, but they will tell you that’s just misinformation.

    They can’t even tell the truth on the percentage who have gotten jabbed, we no longer know if they’re still giving different doses or saline doses. So we have know way of knowing how many of us will still be alive in some cases less than a year from now.

  3. This shouldn’t shock anyone–“they” bulked up the number of cases while PDJT was president so he would look bad. NOW, they are realizing it is blowing back on them so they are differentiating, of course they have totally contaminated the numbers from 2020.

    I agree with SNS, if you think you have Omicron why are you seeking health care (a term that is now an oxymoron). There is nothing they can do for you except recommend palliative therapies that you can figure out on your own.

  4. SNS
    “SPECIAL kind of stupid”
    I actually went to the clinic when I had Covid, Dec. 2019. 2 days of only being able to breath, was up walking around. 48 hours of no sleep is about my limit. It was before the lock downs and mandatory ventilators.
    I’m pretty sure I was the only one there with insurance. The rest looked like welfare recipients.
    If health care is FREE, they go to the ER for slivers.
    When will they start taking into account, the faulty test?


  5. The “test” only shows whether or not “SARS-CoV-2 RNA was […] in the specimen above the limit of detection” (from my test report). Which implies that if you had ANY type of Corona Virus/SARS infection EVER and it left the RNA in your system, you test “positive.”

    Utter and complete BULLSHIT as far as specific tests go.

    Anyone basing life decisions on this nonsense is a fool.
    (no, I am NOT a doctor, medical professional, or pathologist)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. There is no Covid, only Flu. We’ve known that from the beginning. Our socialist politicians hate us and want most of us dead.


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