NYT Bars Reporters From Opinion Shows

In a reported effort to reduce the appearance of bias, the “New York Times” has begun enforcing a policy of its reporters not going on opinion shows like “The Rachel Maddow Show” or “CNN Tonight” hosted by Don Lemon.

Vanity Fair became outraged at the shift in practice after talking with “The Washington Post” about their polices. Here

10 Comments on NYT Bars Reporters From Opinion Shows

  1. No way are they giving this up. Nothing is going to stop this charade of fake news. They’ll just continue the propaganda on local “news.”

  2. Hysterical… So, these dumbasses at the NYT finally decided that they should make a modicum of effort to hide their extraordinary anti-Trump bias… Kind of too little too late, I think.

  3. This isn’t an attempt to avoid the appearance of bias, it’s a direct effort to keep their bias hidden from public view.

  4. This is probably done to give them the phony argument “Look what we’ve done to eliminate any doubt about our even handed reporting”.

  5. It’s just a business decision. The ratings are so low for those shows that it’s not worth the time spent away from Twitter.


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