NYT Columnist Wrecks Liz Cheney’s ‘Hero’ Complex


Now, it’s not the most historically accurate movie about the life of Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace, but Braveheart does have a key scene that explains the pickle Liz Cheney finds herself in right now. It’s the scene where Robert the Bruce gives some sage advice to Wallace about forming alliances and keeping them: if you make enemies on both sides of the river, you end up dead. Wallace was fighting the English on one front and the bitter intra-Scottish clan squabbles on another.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is floundering. She’s part of the Republican leadership in the House. That could end next week. The heavy hitters want her gone and are openly backing her challenger. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) could be the next chair of the House GOP Conference. And she just picked up the endorsement of Steve Scalise. Cheney had been an unabashed anti-Trump Republican at a time when Trump is the party. The base loves Trump. The base wants the former president (kills me to write that) to play a huge role in shaping the party’s future. Liz disagrees and has said so. That’s fine—but you cannot be part of the leadership, which forms one of the many faces of the party. You cannot be in that position and spit in the faces of the voters. She’s a distraction. As the NFL draft has ended, let’s make a sports comparison. She’s a cancer in the locker room. So, in her last breath, Liz decides to run to The Washington Post to make her point. Why? Who knows, but she must know that the Left hates her, despite what Pelosi, Biden, and others are saying about her. Charles Blow of The New York Times was there with a flamethrower to remind the Cheney crew that he’s a liberal with a memory, and Liz is ‘no hero’. MORE

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  1. This whole situation is like Pee Wee Herman in the ring with Mike Tyson. Cheney is over.

  2. @JDHasty

    You are right. I never thought about it that way. I do take it personally when a hard working guy, who actually cares, gets attacked for trying to lift everyone quality of life.

    Cool thought.

  3. Cheer up Liz. At least Nancy Pelosi spoke up for you. Not that she’d lift a finger to try and help you. Nobody likes turncoats. Especially ones who don’t know when to STFU.

  4. Benedict Arnold after turning traitor, was hated burg in America and in England. It seems everyone hates a turncoat.

  5. Prediction: Next year Liz gets the Profiles in Courage award. And maybe an Emmy and the Noble Peace Prize.

  6. @RadioMattM

    Promoting American made products, opening steel mills, exporting oil, enforcing boarders, extraditing MS-13, avoiding Trillions in wasted war debt, containing chYnA….

    Sure it helps Trump, the rich etc., but it clearly improves the quality of life of everyone.

    I have never seen such concerted effort against everything that the USA represents in my lifetime.
    The rich people I work for pay for my services. Well.

  7. Donald a fat washed up has been, now silenced forever from the masses.
    Who scream hallelujah thank you Jesus for putting an end to this foul mouthed vermin.

  8. Frank,
    Let’s be Frank shall we. Oh hell no Franks one dumb muther Fucker. Watch and see bitch.

  9. From Mike Vespa above.
    “The base loves President Trump, it kills me to write that”
    Blow is a blow hole.
    Just trying to make waves for the right.
    She will be gone soon not because of him.

  10. “The base loves President Trump, it kills me to write that”
    What kills her is “former President Trump”. One word missing in you quote makes a huge difference

  11. Frank got all his fellow Gerbil Ranchers at the gay bathhouse to “like” his bullshit post. The Democrat Party invented Astro-Turfing and this is a perfect example of that. Totally FAKE.

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