NYT Is Upset State Dept. Is Uninterested In Russian Election Meddling

Remember when Morgan Freeman told us conclusively that we “are at war” with Russia? The video came from one of many leftist narrative shapers trying to deny that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate and they are all out of touch with the majority. Watch

The New York Times hasn’t forgotten. They want our government to retaliate some how. Now the paper of record is flabbergasted that Rex Tillerson’s State Department hasn’t spent a dime of the $120 million granted by congress (during the waning months of Obama’s term) to get back at the Russians. More





10 Comments on NYT Is Upset State Dept. Is Uninterested In Russian Election Meddling

  1. one thing libtards love to do is spend taxpayer money … & they’re absolutely outraged when the government doesn’t do it

    … just give me back my money w/ a bottle of Stoly

  2. There are some Russian mercenary corpsemen who might rather have the State Dept issuing strongly worded statements rather than getting their asses beat like they were little pieces of shit.

    We’re spending the money, NYT, just not where you want.

  3. Who is “Morgan Freedman”?

    Noted and corrected. That’s how I’ve been saying his name all these years. Now I have to unlearn it. – Dr. Tar


  4. @Vietvet March 5, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    > @No Thanks: And those clever Conservatives who want to know what their enemy is thinking.

    That’s why I buy reams of copy paper at the PriceMart.

  5. Look up “Hamilton68” on a search engine. It’s a website created by Bill Kristol and his deep state warmongering pals. They’ve got the stupid ass liberal media parroting every line of bullshit they feed it, simply because it’s designed to make Trump look bad and push us towards war with Russia.


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