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NYT Publishes “Leaked” Smartphone Tracking Data Claiming It Traces Capitol Breachers

First, where does the NYT get “leaked” Smartphone tracking information on specific accounts from those it claims participated in illegally entering the Capitol Building on January 6th? Actually, we know were it came from, the New York Times broke the story two weeks ago. Here

Second, their own timeline, published on January 12th, counters the narrative they’re trying to create that it was attendees to the rally who broke down the barriers at the Capitol. Their own reporting makes the case that radicals and false flaggers seeking to cause mischief were already tearing down the barriers BEFORE most of those being tracked by their Smartphones were anywhere near the Capitol building that day. Here

Third, is the data they are showing from people actually charged for violence and trespassing that day, because I’d like to see that location information if it isn’t?

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  1. Just the cabal axis at work swapping agitprop info.
    Hell, Time Magazine listed a who’s who article on them.

  2. Imagine what the NSA and the DoD picked up during the fraud election count…on the wireless networks set up in those voting places with wireless access points and other technology we have NO idea about.

    That’s what I’m interested in…

    According to the NYSLimes article, the data collection, on the capital breachers, was being done LEGALLY, via loophole.

    That means Congress knows about it.

    We are expected to look at a ‘shiny spinning nice looking object’ right now.

    Don’t do it.

    What is going on now in DC behind the scenes about tomorrow deserves the real attention.

    For instance that is why that Time article was written when it was.

    As another distraction for us.

  3. Just check the terms agreement box because reading takes time and the phone is the newest, coolest phone ever made. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. I get this all the time from my kids (grown adults 2 of them just turned 50), “Dad, you really need to get a smart phone!”. No I don’t. I had a flip years ago and never used it and threw it away. Seeing most of the population with their eyes or ears attached to the phone makes my blood boil. We lost a chunk of humanity with these fucking phones. The article proves my point. It is no bodies business on where I am or where I was.

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