O.J. Simpson’s Use Of Twitter Goes About As Expected

Convicted felon and wrongful death civil case loser, O.J. Simpson created a Twitter account last week that is already being followed by 650,000 users. Now out of prison Simpson, clearly stated his intention to use the account for “…a little gettin’ even to do.” More

Today, the former football great allegedly targeted a parody Twitter account that has been mocking him for years.
O.J. “allegedly sent a series of menacing direct messages — including a string of 16 knife emojis and the warning that “I WILL FIND YOUR ASS AND CUT YOU.”” More


10 Comments on O.J. Simpson’s Use Of Twitter Goes About As Expected

  1. So LAPD doesn’t follow him?

    As I heard, he still goes to scream at the grave of his ex-wife that he murdered.

    Perhaps the ghost of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman should follow him too.

    OJ will forever be a symbol of what black America wants to do to white America. Let the guilty go free to punish people who had nothing to do with the crime at hand or perceived offenses in the past.

    And laugh and cheer in the streets that a double murderer go free. It’s colored every racially charged verdict since then. From Ferguson to Baltimore.

  2. For a guy who still owes a shitload of money to what’s left of the Goldman family, it looks like he has a pretty nice house in Las Vegas.

  3. Will Obama’s legacy mirror OJ’s….one can hope…Lengthy prison sentence followed by pubic shaming, laughing and pointing….

  4. I forget what website it is on, but I am reminded of the quote: “Stop making stupid people famous.” 650,000 followers on Twitter. WTF? It’s hard to have hope for the American people. They just want to watch a train wreck.

  5. Twitter blocks The Real James Woods, yet lets this piece of dog-shit spew his murderous venom?

    Twitter should rot in Hell, forever.

  6. He’s got a nice house, must be that the Ginsu knife commercials he’s hosting have been compensating him well.

  7. Hopefully the murderous, arrogant, hate-filled sonofabitch will follow through on his threats and intended victim will make an all-scar out of him.
    Isn’t everyone sick of OJ?

  8. OJ Simpson is credited with the invention of the modern slashtag. Both forwards and backwards.

  9. …so how long until OJ is incarcerated again? (for the final time, considering his age)

    Once a murderer, always one.
    Violent people who act out their fantasies shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet. :l


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