Oakland Will Be Voting Solidly For the Left

Video that has to be seen to be believed  ^^^^

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  1. illegal immigrants bring soooo much ‘culture’ to our land … they soooo enrich us & give back soooooo much to the community


    Build the Wall !!! … & build another one around Kalifornia while you’re at it Mr. Trump

  2. Time for a couple of Black Hawks with Dillon Guns (M134D) on the doors

    These are the sociological Frankenstein monsters of social engineers, Utopian urban planners, Democrats and Machiavellian power seekers (but I repeat myself) and just like Victor Frankenstein’s creation, things will not end well for many of them

  3. Some of that wasn’t in Oakland, most that was was in the Fruitvale district. That area is about 70% illegals.
    California does have a “wall” already. But, as anyone can walk across the border saying they will be shopping in San Diego without needing ID or passport there could be a wall all the way around Mexico and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.
    I truly hope our next president understands the border issue, and Mr. Trump does not. His ‘half a wall’ is not even half a solution.

  4. I’m with Rob. Add that shithole city to the list of those that need a nuke. I’m thinking Detroit for starters . . . .

  5. And that’s where we’re at today kids when ya let the animals take over thru false charges of “racism” by the Radical Left that leave the police helpless. The Radical Left’s intent is to destroy America from within thru this kind of chaos enabled by a spineless, lying, thoroughly corrupt, incompetent, vactioning, golfing, partying, spending, vindictive, arugula-eating, bottled-water-drinking, self-absorbed, disingenuous, Politically Correct, Gay obsessed, whining, finger-pointing, divisive, Bush-blaming, healthcare-destroying, economy-wrecking, America-hating, limp-dick, Jihad-coddling, phoney-baloney plastic banana Communist-Organizing Manchurian Doorknob!

  6. I have worked in Oakland the past 7 years. I walk its streets everyday. The air is filled with the smell of ganja and piss and you must always keep aware of your surroundings. Street thugs hang on every corner on Broadway and beyond, being a menace to those that fear. Maybe I’ll become your reporter on the street in Oakland. But what difference does it make at this point anyway.

  7. GI-had; My shop is down by the Coliseum. You are very correct with the “those that fear” comment. I work everywhere in Oakland, including the projects, even back in the 80’s when the projects were really rough.

  8. @JohnS – if it is that easy why do the wetbacks have to walk through the desert and risk dying of thirst or pay a coyote a lot of money to guide them across?

  9. venturaguy; Those people are not from mexico and don’t know any better. If a Coyote lets his victim walk across the border at a crossing he loses control and likely the rest of his payment. Also he tells his friends down in South America about it.
    He needs to get his victims to a location away from urban areas where he can hold them until he gets paid. Coyotes that have been paid in full dump their victims in remote areas because the penalties for human trafficking are high on both sides of the border.
    I grew up in San Diego.
    We don’t need a wall.
    We need visa requirements to cross the border, an end to all social services to them, deportation of illegals, and prison for people that knowingly hire them.
    We do that and they will self deport, most of them within months.

  10. Looks like a video from Shitstinkastan or some other hell hole in the middle east. I guess that proves it isn’t in the blood or something in the water.

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