Obama Admin Spent $4.1 Million to Link Pollution to Eating Fast Food


Researchers aimed to link air pollution exposure to childhood obesity, failed

17 Comments on Obama Admin Spent $4.1 Million to Link Pollution to Eating Fast Food

  1. They weren’t trying hard enough.
    Send ME the money!

    I’ll show a 1:1 correspondence between whatever they want!

  2. The $4,146,875 grant was awarded in 2013 to fund a five-year study into whether proximity to the University of Southern California was a contributing factor in obtaining the $4,146,875 grant.

  3. The democrats in government all view spending as stimulating the economy and no regime squandered tax money quite as vigorously as Obama’s. The idea of directing funds to where it would improve the lives of citizens never entered their thinking. If any money found it’s way to something that did some good it was purely coincidental.
    He wasn’t only a loathsome asshole he was a stupid loathsome asshole.

  4. And Chicken Little once again uttered those immortal words, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” If pollution doesn’t kill us all it will be globull warming or eating too much fast food or socialism if these cowards and chickenshits and their brain dead followers ever get their way to implement full blown socialism. Gimme a friggin break I’ve had enough of your crying wolf and trying to persuade us that you know what’s best for us.

  5. The study was based on interviews conducted with school-age children in twelve southern California communities in the 1990s.

    So you’re telling us a diet of refried beans, burritos and nachos is fattening. Ok.

  6. Being a prisoner in the country during the occupation of a democrat in control of government is like being strapped into the seat of a speeding car with a drunk at the wheel.
    You have to helplessly watch and await the horrible accident you know is coming.

  7. There is no end to the foolish and wasteful ways that government so freely spends other people’s money

  8. The real deal was so a good slice ended up back in their foundations and the DNC. Yeah I know it was for children.


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