Obama Apologizes to Iran After They Kidnapped 10 US Navy Sailors

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You have probably heard by now that Iran has seized two small Navy craft and are holding 10 US Navy sailors, 9 men and 1 woman. The timing is curious since it is the night of Obama’s last State of the Union.

The seizure came after one ship became disabled near Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf. Obama should be humiliated as Iran intends him to be but instead he is apologizing.

Iran, via Fars News agency, is saying that the sailors are arrested for trespassing while the White House is saying there is no hostile intent and the sailors will be returned. The US said it’s the middle of the night so they can’t be released just yet.

The sailors are being held by the Revolutionary Guard and they work all night. Someone needs to tell that to Barack Obama.


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  1. How is it possible for this asscrack to keep lowering the bar?

    The combination of him being an America hater and a huge pussy is frightening.

  2. Maybe I got something wrong, but how do two boats, one which breaks down end up drifting into Iranian waters instead of the one boat that works not able to tow the other one out to safety? Something’s wrong with the story.
    You ever get the feeling there is no truth in our government.

  3. “I’m sorry…so sorree…please accept my apologee…”

    Damn – where’s Connie Francis when we need her?


  4. Something smells to high heaven. When I drove boats in the Coast Guard, we would perform tow drills with each other ALL THE TIME! And we were in constant communication with the brass. Every half an hour we’d have to give our ops and position, every 15 minutes if conditions were unfavorable, and report immediately (multiple ways to do that) if something was wrong. This is political crap.

  5. No wonder Obama didn’t mention the incident during the SOTU Show.
    It would be to revealing to say, “Before coming here to summarize for all of you how much I have improved America over the preceding 7 years, and to tell how to continue my methods to improve America.

    To secure the release of ten Naval personnel, and their two boats detained by Iranian officials , I kissed the asses of all the key leaders in Iran.

    I begged them to turn around to receive a proper kiss. But they are a hard line stubborn people, and they refused. Saying the ass kissing was sufficient this time.

    Let this be the example for America going forward into the future. If you just show them a little respect we can peacefully solve our differences.”

  6. Ways to communicate found on small US military boats, most were standard:

    Vhf marine radio
    Motorola mx 1000 – secure and unsecured
    Motorola mx 300 portable – secure and unsecured
    Satellite phone
    Cell phone(s)
    Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

    Lost comms x 2 my ass!!

  7. LOL….I think the military just embarrassed Obama on purpose. I think they might also be letting Obama know in uncertain terms that the military is still in charge if it wants to be.

    If I was Obama, I’d be pissed off at the military.

    I could be wrong.

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