Obama Appointees Preventing Mattis From Rebuilding The Military, Says Armed Services Chair

DC: Holdovers from the Obama administration in the Pentagon are hampering efforts to fix the military’s major readiness problem, leaving Secretary of Defense James Mattis alone in his efforts to properly equip U.S. forces, according to the chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services.

“I am concerned that … to fix these problems [it] is going to take a lot more money, and yet a lot of the folks who are coming up with the budget to fix them are the same people who have been fighting every step of the way against our efforts to fix these problems,” said Chairman Mac Thornberry during a Capitol Hill press gaggle Thursday.

Thornberry noted that Mattis is “alone” in his attempts to alleviate the readiness problem at the Pentagon. He added that there are some people, including “political appointees and others from the Obama administration,” who have been “trying to deny there was a problem.”


16 Comments on Obama Appointees Preventing Mattis From Rebuilding The Military, Says Armed Services Chair

  1. There should be a steady line of ex-employees being walked out of every Agency. Start with personnel and nearly everyone hired in the last 8 years. That’s a good start.

    But like Trump said, the Senate (led by McCONnell) has not approved his nominees for taking control of the agencies.

    McCONnell and Ryan are part of the horrendous problem Trump faces.

  2. For the ones who can’t be fired;
    designate a warehouse in Montana
    along the Canadian border as
    “Fort Barrack” and ship them there
    to count toilet paper rolls.

  3. Do what the North Korean dictator does when it comes to shredding the ranks.

    JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST throwing that out there.

  4. The grass roots organisations need to get to McConnell and Ryan (and for that matter McCain and the rest of the Republicans trying to torpedo Trump) and explain the facts of life. If they don’t start supporting this President in cleaning the place up, cleaning out liberal partisans left in the Government and appointing people that will run these departments like they cared about the country then they will suffer at the hands of the people either in nomination fights, the diverting of campaign donations or the leak of sensitive information about them. I wonder if McCain would like to see the long buried and sealed file the navy has on his shoot down and his actions during captivity? He’s been dining out for years on the war hero meme but perhaps what the navy filed away may be a little harder to take. I suspect McConnell has a few items in his closet that he wouldn’t want coming out. This is a distasteful thing to do but perhaps it is the only way to get cooperation to change the Washington form of “ethics” currently practiced to something honest.

  5. So many people payed little attention to all the czars Oblowhole had without ever wondering what they were up too.
    OFA and the shitstain obama had the shadow guv. installed long ago! They thought they would be able to coerce Shrillary. Didn’t imagine Trump had a chance. Sessions should hire 20 czars of his own! Trump should make his the busiest dept. of government, give him the recently deceased EPA’s budget. MAGA

  6. Military scares Obummer, growing up an African Muslim could explain this.
    Spies, however were exiting and could Sabotage a Military.


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