Obama at ESPN Town Hall: ‘Easier To Get A Gun’ Than To Access A Computer

Breitbart: During the July 14 town hall simulcast on ESPN, President Obama doubled down on his gun control push by claiming that “it is easier to get a gun than it is access to a computer or a book.”

Obama said these things while interacting with a community organizer from Black Lives Matter (BLM).

The BLM community organizer asked Obama what safety for “poor black and brown communities” rests upon, beyond matters involving policing.

Obama responded by saying that “we expect police to solve a whole range of societal problems that we ourselves have neglected.” He then listed “communities without jobs,” “mental health [care],” and “jobs and training.” He pointed to the “drug trade” and “substandard schools” in others. Then he talked about the South Side of Chicago, where “14 and 15-year-old kids have firearms.”

He added, “It’s easier to get a gun that it is access to a computer or a book.”

To make this statement Obama had to ignore the stringent gun controls in Chicago, controls that include an “assault weapons” ban, a violence tax, state-imposed waiting periods on handgun and long gun purchases, and strict limitations on the number of gun stores allowed in the city, as well as regulations on where those stores can be located.

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  1. “communities without jobs,” “mental health [care],” and “jobs and training.” He pointed to the “drug trade” and “substandard schools” in others.

    yet this moron denies blacks school vouchers to escape failing inner city schools and campaigns to raise the minimum wage and installed obamacare both of which destroy jobs.

    he points out everything wrong but then all his actions only make it worse.

    smartest potus ever?

  2. Why did they simulcast on ESPN? Isn’t ESPN a paid TV cable channel? I know it’s basically an ABC affiliate but still can’t he get his message out some other way than hijacking a so called sports channel to talk to his homies. I don’t like ESPN (I don’t have cable so it doesn’t matter anyway) at all anymore, I tend to avoid watching any sports on TV anymore, including baseball and I love baseball. I’d rather listen to the radio feed than watch sports on TV anymore, since even sports programs have become politicized.

  3. I can post this from my smart phone and it appears most every thing is getting video recorded and placed on the internet, texting pokiemoning, skyping, snap-chatting, cloud storage, I am sure I missed something. Also data on Oboma phones. And a kid with a gun can get as many smart phones as he/she/it wants by passing the hat on the Metro. I think he is saying boat anchors are not as popular as they once were?

  4. He’s trying to nail down his legacy before he leaves office.

    Near as I can tell, his legacy is be remembered for pointing out things he considers to be a problem (real or imagined), then asking everybody else what they’re going to do about it. When no solution is forthcoming, he goes back home smug and self-satisfied and thinks about the next subject he can guilt us about.

    After seven and one-half years of this, I’m starting to sense a pattern…


  5. He wants us all defenseless so his moslem bros can just come in and massacre us without any resistance.

  6. It’s easier to get a gun than a fair price for obamacare .

    It easier to get a gun than wait for Obama to say Islamic Terrorism.

    Its easier to get a gun than expect the FBI and DOJ to indict Hillary.

    Its easier to get a gun than start a not for profit foundation to sell political favors for $millions of dollars.

    Its easier to get a gun that wait for congress to represent the people and nation.

    Its easier to get a gun than a decent education for your children in a public school.

  7. Is it easier for teenagers in Chicago to get a Glock than a book? Well, in Obama’s America, and Emanuel’s Chicago, teenagers have more use for a gun than a book–you’ve destroyed families; destroyed work ethics; provided handouts that reduce incentives to work, gain experience, and better yourself; made it harder for teenagers to get jobs; and contributed to a culture that stigmatizes success and glorifies the thug life. What did expect would be the result?

  8. My first thought about this crapola was, “well, wouldn’t it be funny to have a contest: ‘If Right Wing Folks made as stupid claims about The Left’ “, but then I realized it’s almost impossible, as the wildest claims about them are too close to the truth/reality.

  9. “poor black and brown communities” aka, liberal utopia megacenters, aka urban, aka cities, poor thanks to the dream of liberal utopia. Wait, guns are already banned in liberal utopia megacenters? Well, isn’t that a peach.

    Look. If he would just sign executive action banning all books and computers and then lift the ban on guns then it’s logical to conclude there will be easier access to books and computers than guns.

  10. I want to shout at the moron: “IF YOU ARE A CRIMINAL!”

    Law abiding citizens are continually fighting government, just to maintain their right.

    Obama’s criminals have Fast and Furious government schemes to rely upon. Plus, their ‘Obama Get Out If Hail, Free’, cards.

  11. If you repeat a lie long enough some people will believe it. I guess Obama missed that part where Lincoln said you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    Readers of this blog have never once been fooled by this drooling, stuttering idiot.

  12. Dumb s#$t! he makes us pay for phones which are computers that can access books! RETARDED RETARD! Anyone who believes a word he says is as RETARDED as him.

  13. It’s going to get worse. He will be the Adjunct Black President for the next quarter century, trolling with his internet show. It’ll be like a TV interview show, only backwards; A series of guests will interview Obama about himself and some other stuff, and when his upcoming (insert number here) autobiography is being published. For 25 years.

  14. He needs to stick to his agenda, golf in the morning, hoops with LeBron in the afternoon followed with a performance by Kanye and Beyonce and sit down dinner with Al Sharpton.

    This whole book and computer thing has got to be new for him.

  15. It’s far easier for Obama to reach up his ass and dig out some fantasy observation than it is to research and create policies that actually correct a problem.

  16. I am taking a wild guess here, JarJar has given up on trying to keep the Barky muzzle on….its readily apparent he is now running amok…

  17. What he should have said was, “It is easier to buy a politician in Washington D.C. than it is to buy a book”….He should know.

  18. Yo Barry, Clockboy found a way around guns. You were so inspired you invited him to the White House. ‘Guns. 7th century savages don’t need no stinking guns..or computers or books.”

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