Obama Backer Terry Bean Arrested For Paying Off Underage Victim – IOTW Report

Obama Backer Terry Bean Arrested For Paying Off Underage Victim

Terry Bean, a former ‘gay porn kingpin,’ revered gay rights pioneer and bundler for the 2012 reelection campaign of President Barack Obama, was arrested in connection with a sex abuse case that came out of a hotel romp he had with a former friend and an underage male in 2013.

Bean has been a long time donor of democrat political campaigns and causes including the Human Rights Campaign.

Bean doled out more than $500,000 for President Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2012, reported Real Clear Politics.

The charges against Bean are a felony for paying off a teenage victim of his sexual abuse to not testify when Bean was going to trial over his sex abuse charges.

The pay off was allegedly carried out by his former criminal defense attorney, Derek Ashton. He was arrested shortly before Bean. more

19 Comments on Obama Backer Terry Bean Arrested For Paying Off Underage Victim

  1. Well his victim got a better “payoff” than a Clinton victim.

  2. Democrats are proud sponsors of crime and deceit.

  3. The DNC is all about faggots, perverts, white-haters, and communists now… Oh… and idiots too.

  4. Creepy queer. He may thoroughly enjoy the prison lifestyle.

  5. A pedophile lib’ral named Bean
    Had butt sex with a boy aged fifteen
    Though great as a bundler
    Turns out he’s a bungler
    His court transcript is rated “Obscene”

  6. When you’re a sodomizer, anything goes.

    We were warned.

  7. When did bribing paying off “witnesses”, to not sign off on “official” testimony, become a crime? In The United States?

    This one’s a “serious”, no “snark”, question. Pay to not play seems to be the entire reason for The United States courts.

  8. I could have sworn the thread title said Obama packer.

  9. now that jeffery is gone, i bet terry bean, barry soetoro, michael robinson, and ed buck all play the hide the salami game, while bill and hill live stream it for the pizza and risotto gatherings.

  10. Did I ever mention that liberals love pedophiles?

  11. A Portland pederast named Terry
    An unrepentent old fairy
    Said to a elderly dyke
    Sorry, you’re not my type
    I like ‘em young, well hung, and hairy

  12. Another leftist who is simply a bad guy but is able to overcompensate for his innately poor character with the pie-in-the-sky faux virtue of leftist bromides.

  13. Protection by the democrat party is home of the perv and the corrupt is the sole reason the democrat party exists. True, the benefits will cost you, but then if you’re a rich perv, or happy to give a percentage of your ill-gotten gains to the likes of the children of biden, kerry, clinton, etc. , the price is well worth it. We need to find out how much of this bribe money has filtered into obama’s pockets.

  14. All the men in my clan have been D for 6 generations. As a kid when the Kennedys all helped Jimmy Hoffa I was told, and believed, it was an aberration. By ’59 it was clear to me, if not my kin, that they, like all D were crooks. I still went on to be YD PRes of my college. Voted Barry in ’64, legally was 21

    60 years later “the more things change. the more they stay the same”!

  15. Just IMAGINE what obama is guilty of.

    We can only hope AG Barr brings it to light before a civil war – and resulting ‘Nuremberg’ trial – have to.

  16. Shouldn’t the headline read: “Obama packer”? as in fudge.


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