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On Wednesday, during a visit to the University of Michigan, President Obama dumbed down his rhetoric to BuzzFeed-style name calling by saying that Republicans are offering “stinkburger” ideas that are a real “meanwich.”

Obama spoke at the University of Michigan before a crowd of some 1,000 students and a limited number of reporters mainly to sell a hike in the minimum wage, pushing his theme, “give America a raise.”

As CBS News’s Mark Knoller tweeted from the event, President Obama slammed the GOP for its economic policies but granted that “they’re not necessarily cold-hearted.” Obama then went on to say that if GOP policies were deli food, they’d be a “stinkburger” or a “meanwich.”




  1. “Stinkburger” and Meanwich”? Hello, is there an adult in the room?

    He’s so proud of himself. He came up with those grown up terms all by himself – without the help of a teleprompter

  2. Well, since this is the level of discourse our Kollige Perfessor of a president feels comfortable with, I think he’s a meanie-meanie poopy-pants fagger turdhead. So there.

  3. Just think of all of the Chit burgers he has created over the last 5+ years. Then we have Mooch’s version where the outside of the bun has teeth & lips that look like her mouth. It’ll bite you before you even know it’s there.

  4. Wow! He really is the smartest man ever!

    What a tool.

    Americas worst times are now.

    Thanks Demon-rats!

  5. Y’know, it’s kinda funny … cuz that’s what Reggie calls Obama’s ass.

    We were clowning around in the West Wing and Reggie said: “I’m gonna go upstairs and avail myself of some Hussein stinkburger! You see what I’m sayin?”

    I said: “Tear that browneye up, Reggie! Make it bleed, brother!”

  6. I’m convinced he got his ass kicked regularly as a child and handed his lunch money over to playground bullies.

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