Obama: Climate change threatens to ‘wipe out’ American towns

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WaExaminer- President Obama redirected attention from his decision to allow Shell to drill a well off the Alaskan coast to the “imminent danger” of climate change in his weekly address Saturday. Ahead of a three-day tour of Alaska, Obama said the northern state’s melting glaciers, swift shoreline erosion and rising sea levels threaten to “swallow one island community.”

“Think about that,” Obama said. “If another country threatened to wipe out an American town, we’d do everything in our power to protect ourselves. Climate change poses the same threat, right now.”  more


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  1. Such a sleazy liar. “Climate Change” is a hoax. Obola knows it’s a hoax. EVERYBODY pushing that bullshit knows it’s a hoax.

    How long, oh Lord? How long?

    Remove the scales from our eyes that we may perceive the liars amongst us!

    Facts don’t make much of an impression.

  2. 1, 000 likes to Moe Tom!
    That’s why I call ’em Defecrats because they never miss an opportunity to shit on anything good, right and American!

  3. Who knew that when he was elected president, he’d bring ValJar and Granny Michelle with him too? The only president ever to not do one day’s work in the oval office. Where is he now? Touring the other 57 states. FOOL. SPIT.

  4. I was thinking yesterday about ‘corrective actions’ for GW. You can file this under ‘just one more argument as to why GW is a scam.’

    During WWII the country had severe shortages. Government imposed a rather harsh rationing system, which the people accepted because they understood the need. Well currently we have the supposedly severe problem of CO2 generation. Logic would dictate harsh curtailment of unnecessary CO2 generation. Oh, such as flying private planes, long commutes, pretty much any recreational activity. While I wouldn’t buy into those things, not ‘believing’ the GW mantra myself, at least I would understand that their goals were legit. But no, they have some carbon trading scheme that’s supposed to fix everything if we just play along. Nope, not going to buy it. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_g7KcbMxmLEU/SCzTCsQ6JaI/AAAAAAAAD80/JIBpRcPVyzU/s400/Global+Warming.jpg

    Sometimes I listen to myself and feel like I’m a broken record…

  5. *I* thought Obama was supposed to halt the rising of the oceans!

    Don’t tell me: you mean…he FAILED?!?
    Or are the oceans raaaaccccisssst?
    A vast ocean-wide conspiracy!

  6. God gave us CO2. Chemistry, physics. Respiration/photosynthesis. GW is a pile of crap bought into by the non-analytical “feelers” among our population. And these “feelers” are strangely numb to the current PP scandals, not just projected but happening.
    Good vs Evil at play. GW-concept is merely another vehicle for destruction

  7. Lol Stranded! Beat me to it!
    When BO said about “the GW making that island in Alaska sink”, my thought was why doesnt he ‘retire’ to that perfect island?! Please!!

  8. KMM, the connection with GW and PP makes sense. GW religion is all about the scourge that mankind is to the planet. We have all heard the ultimate goal is to remove humans from the planet so it can regain its pristine condition before it was sullied by man.

    PP is all about killing people.

    Let’s add moslems into the mix. They kill all the infidels that PP misses, then all the other moselms that don’t believe like they do. Then the 10 that are left kill each other for whatever reason they will come up with. After all, islam is all about killing and if they can’t kill, they wouldn’t know what to do.

    There. All the proponents of GW get rich pushing their religion without having to do any of the nasty killing parts.

  9. “If another country threatened to wipe out an American town, we’d do everything in our power to protect ourselves.”


    Little o would give them the keys to the armory and tell them to have fun.

  10. Hey Barry check out Baltimore, Ferguson, Mo., DC, Detroit etc. They are on their knees,grasping, and it’s not because of climate change.

    How can people still believe this dummy?

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