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Obama Cruising the Gays

The ACA needs enrollees, so they’re cruising the gays.


Obama pandered two years ago with an over the top Christmas themed video campaign.

Now he’s asking the gay community to share their workout pictures to promote Obamacare. (??)

I don’t see how the two are related, unless they are trying fool gay men into clicking on an Obamacare enrollment site believing it to be for homosexual pickups.

Or maybe Obama just needs fresh spank pics.


8 Comments on Obama Cruising the Gays

  1. Soon they will be watching millions more Muslims butt up and praying three times a day! After that they will get the scenic view from the top floor to the bottom floor non-stop!

  2. We are becoming a nation of degenerates, is it any wonder we are not respected around the world. If you want to chug on some other dudes cock or trade fur with some dyke, keep it to yourself, fucking perverts.

  3. Even the nastiest, filthiest, creepiest, crawliest, stinkyest, low-life animals on the Earth (or below it) don’t suck each others’ dicks.

    For real. You could look it up.

  4. Barky’s going to use it to find dates for his post DC(/DC) romps at Man’s County, Honolulu. He’s going to hold tryouts this month during his vacay in the islands.

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