Obama draws CA ire on Armenian genocide – IOTW Report

Obama draws CA ire on Armenian genocide

CalWatchdog: In an attempted act of political finesse, president Obama declined to call the mass slaughter of Armenians, carried out by the Turks 100 years ago, a genocide.

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“Armenian-American leaders have urged Mr. Obama each year to keep a pledge he made as a presidential candidate in 2008, when he said the United States government had a responsibility to recognize the attacks as genocide and vowed to do so if elected,” the New York Times reported. “Mr. Obama’s failure to fulfill that pledge in his final annual statement on the massacre infuriated advocates and lawmakers who accused the president of – MORE

7 Comments on Obama draws CA ire on Armenian genocide

  1. Cut him some slack. This was a bitter internal struggle between President Kardashian and his alter-ego, President Hussein. He’s going to need some rest now.

  2. @Loco

    LBJ says, “It’s always been cool to call them that, but you spelled it wrong.”

  3. Let’s see the Turks are muslim right? Obama’s muslim too, right? And besides that it was sooooo loonnnng ago. 🙄 If you live in a muslim country and you’re not muslim, you’re fucked.

  4. This is news, how? Obama, like a zebra, never changes his act. He is a jackass through and through.

  5. Politics is, was, and always will be, the art of weaseling out on campaign promises. Remember: Hillary’s gonna make the economy work for everyday Americans, Bernie’s gonna make college free, Ted’s gonna abolish the IRS, and Donald’s gonna build a YUGE wall.



  6. Gee! Obola lied?

    Say it ain’t so!

    A filthy, degenerate, drug-addled, homosexual marxist moslem lying politician lied?

    I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

    izlamo delenda est …

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