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Obama Drones On, Kid Interviewer Cuts Him Off

An intrepid sixth-grader did Thursday what few in the press have ever had the nerve to do: let President Obama know when he’s being long-winded.

Obama cut off

11 Comments on Obama Drones On, Kid Interviewer Cuts Him Off

  1. “…or you can hire a literate terrorist. That helped me overcome writer’s block.”

  2. Brevity soul wit.
    Obama mind shit.
    In May

    Is that Haiku?

  3. The only way to overcome writer’s block is with a teleprompter…

  4. Like Woody Allen as a young kid in Take The Money And Run. “…what an asshole.”

  5. The kid should have had a spray can of air freshener labeled “Bullshit Spray” in huge letters and fogged the air between him and the prezuhdunce.

  6. That was painful. Obama has diarrhea of the mouth among other things. Poor chilldrun had to listen to that BS.

  7. The look on the kid’s face says it all! He looks bored, then seems to look around in desperation to get out of this mess.

    I think a dunce cap would look great on the prez, especially give how many ‘uhs’ sprouted and obvious trying to remember what the question was.

    And THIS is the great orator? THIS is the genius? Can’t even talk on a 6th grade level without getting the hook!

    Bravo, kid. You reined him in, but tell your folks to get ready for the gestspo IRS.

  8. He couldn’t even answer the kids’ question. Went straight to trying to pump an answer out of the poor children. Fck’n disgusting dumbass.

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