“to kind of shoo people away without harming them.”

isis warned by us before bomb strike


  1. It’s the “value” system that fights for the life of the condemned killers and strive to kill all unborn.

  2. The hierarchy in war is 1) kill the enemy, 2) destroy their equipment. It’s the old cliche – the purpose of war is to kill people and break things. I think it was Gen Curtis LeMay who said ” when you kill enough of them they stop fighting”.

    Who ever had the idea and issued the order to drop the leaflets, if true, is not serious about defeating IS. Indeed they are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. aka Treason. In war you don’t skip the most important goal. Kill the enemy.

  3. “Shoo, now – run away home and stop playing with those things before somebody gets an eye put out…”.

    – Mama Obama

  4. Reminds me of the song from CAMELOT, where the Knights sing of the havoc they’ll give to Sir Lancelot. And then Lancelot defeats them all. Then regrets that he killed one. That’s Obama, Sir Prance About.

  5. “We did a show of force, by — we had aircraft essentially buzz the trucks at low altitude.”
    How nice, we gave them an air show! But wait, wouldn’t blowing up oil trucks contribute to global warming, which is even more dangerous than ISILGBT?

  6. Unfuckingbelievable! I thought this was a joke. Furnishing aid to the enemy! Why do we even have treason laws if we’re not going to use them for obvious ongoing acts of treason?

  7. Excerpt from USAF pilot’s letter to a friend SIX MONTHS AGO.

    “I……I have never been more frustrated in my career. After 13 years of mind-numbing,low intensity conflict in Afghanistan,I’ve never seen the knife more dull. All the hard lessons learned in Vietnam, and fixed during the first Gulf war,have beeb unlearned again. The level of centralized execution,bureaucracy, and politics is staggering. I basically do not have any decision making authority in my cockpit. It sucks. In most cases, unless a general officer can look at a video picture from a UAV,over a satellite link, I cannot get authority to engage. I’ve spent many hours staring through a targeting pod screen in my own cockpit, watching ISIS shitheads perpetrate their acts until my eyes bleed, without being able to do anything about it. The institutional fear of making a mistake, that has crept into the central mindset of the military leadership, is endemic. We have not taken the fight to these guys. We haven’t targeted their centers of gravity in Raqqa. All the roads between between Syria and Iraq are still intact with trucks flowing freely. the other night I watched a couple hundred small tanker trucks lined up at an oil field in ISIS-held Northeast Syria,presumably filling up with oil traded on the black market,go unfettered. It is not uncommon to wait several hours overhead a suspected target for someone to make a decision to engage or not……..”

    Last week the French bombed Raqqa after the Paris carnage.

    What a clusterfuck! Pray for the troops.

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