Obama EPA Paid Staff Overtime without Justification

(CNSNews.com) – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violated its policy during the last three years of the Obama administration by giving employees overtime pay without sufficient – or in most cases, any – justification, according to a report by the EPA Office of Inspector General (OIG).

In an audit released on Aug. 9, the OIG revealed “numerous instances of noncomplicance” with  the emergency overtime pay system at its regional branch – Region 10 covering the Pacific Northwest – and a lack of consistency and accountability in the overall record-keeping system.

The audit, which examined Region 10, found almost 80 EPA employees that earned extra for covering threatening situations and mission-critical work.

But only 25% of these employees obtained the required biweekly waiver for overtime pay.

16 Comments on Obama EPA Paid Staff Overtime without Justification

  1. Just another money pipeline in the elaborate marxist slush fund machine known as the “Obama Administration”. He just bought a $8 million home. His net worth going into office was less than $1 million.

  2. And the doj can’t come up with a single charge against the Usurper. What a massive disappointment. Jeff does nt want to be rude or offend anybody7. What a sack of sheets he is!

  3. So the audit was done, which means payroll records were examined, and discrepancies found, and presumably the offenders known. So demand repayment under threat of prosecution. Fire the HR supervisor responsible.

  4. Incompetence, different politics, honest error, greed, theft, indifference, hatred for country, disrespect for taxpayers….

    Isn’t amazing that any and all reasons/excuses always lead to all politicians becoming wealthy?!

  5. @Benito the Bombed Beaner:


    It’s a very close thing, but for me Schmuckles Schumer’s face is ever so slightly more punchable. But why quibble? PUNCH BOTH FACES!

  6. Remember the members of the Military who were told they would receive bonuses for reenlisting, then later being told they didn’t qualify. They had to repay the bonuses, so these epacrats really need to return the money.

  7. This was going on a long time before Obola.
    Most FedGov workers are grifters (about 65%).
    The 35% who do the work can’t be given OT without bringing the succubi on board to dispel the charges of “racism,” “elitism,” and “favoritism.”

    You could look it up!

    izlamo delenda est …

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