Obama Era Approved 5,556 Child Brides For Immigration To America

There’s a gaping loophole in our immigration system.  During the Obama Administration, a number of Third Worlders used it to import their underaged brides.  More

14 Comments on Obama Era Approved 5,556 Child Brides For Immigration To America

  1. “There’s a gaping loophole in our immigration system.”

    …in a SANE world, there would be a gaping loophole in Barky’s HEAD, from a duly appointed firing squad as the fitting and proper reward for his numerous treasons and crimes against humanity, some of which will scar this Nation and her people for generations…

  2. “Where’s CPS???”

    …They’ve probably got THEM working on making up stuff about President Trump TOO @A.Moose, since just like every OTHER Government agency, politics trumps mission EVERY TIME…

  3. Quiet believable of course, now, how many under his good buddy W? I’d bet quiet a few. The two deserve a single rope thrown over a branch between them, just long enough for the tallest to stand on tip toes. It took longer than 8 years to get this infested.

  4. They were probably brought in for I’ll are Clinton to pimp out to bill, buck, epstein, weinstein, weiner, Sen bob menendez, the heads of the EU, her islamic radical friends, etc.

  5. Deport all alleged grooms back to their supposed brides. That would certainly decrease the number of criminal pedophiles in the USA abducting, abusing, and murdering children. Of course, since so many pedophiles are actually government officials who make these sicko decisions, no such ethical/moral action will be taken to protect any children held against their wills.

  6. Where’s CPS???
    Clinton Protective Services?
    Shame the real voter results were replaced/ignored before the enactment of a second term for a felon impeached rapist.
    Too soon?

  7. How about a FOIA request for the names and addresses of these sick fucks. You know, so we could pay them a little social visit.

  8. @molon aabe

    You are right. Every day there is some new depravity. Just when you think liberals can’t go lower, they find a way.

  9. “Where’s CPS???”
    Busy harassing parents that home school, let their kids play outside or open lemonade stands.

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