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Obama gives Joe ‘blessing’ for 2016

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Washington (CNN)- Vice President Joe Biden received President Barack Obama’s “blessing” to make a 2016 bid for the White House,according to a senior Democrat.
But that’s if Biden chooses to run — the decision is his. While he doesn’t need the President’s permission, of course, a potential presidential candidacy was among the topics of their lunch Monday at the White House. The President made clear he would not stand in his way or counsel him against a run, the senior Democrat said.


27 Comments on Obama gives Joe ‘blessing’ for 2016

  1. As Obama has tried to turn us into a 3rd world country, Joe would try to turn it into a circus!

  2. Which is a public way of telling The Clinton Crime Family® that, “Bill campaigned for me in 2012, but I won’t give you any support for 2016, because I cannot disrespect my loyal, wonderful VP.”

    If Hillary’s campaign fails, look for a lot of “leaks” about 0bama and Biden in the coming months. Bill won’t take this lightly. He will probably either openly support Sanders, O’Malley or (d.) None of the Above. The general election might just get completely weird.

  3. With Joe as the head clown, Joey McBozo. Curly Howard of the 3 Stooges is smarter than Joe and I’d even bet Shemp Howard is to. What a maroon!

  4. The thought has crossed my mind a few times that Joe Biden acts like such a clown as VP in order to make obama look more serious and “Presidential.” Kind of like a macabre comedy duo schtick where one is the straight guy and one is the goof. I think Biden will now start trying to look more serious and “presidential.”

  5. Joe Biden will fall to an aneurysm while on the campaign trail. DON’T. DOUBT.

  6. That picture would look great photoshopped with a cowboy hat and pistol in Obama’s hand and a sombrero on joes head. I wish I knew how to do it.

  7. This is news? “He has been my VP for 8 years but I am not going to endorse his candidacy” – ????

    Anything other than yes would have to be considered a slap at himself

  8. Wouldn’t it be delightful if angry Bubba throws his support to The Donald in return for some bimbos ushered his way?

  9. Even an exorcism performed by the Pope on his upcoming visit can’t undo a “blessing” from Emperor Merdas.
    Remember the Chicago Olympics!

  10. I don’t know if throwing a glass of water on a hyperventilating goof counts as a blessing.

  11. I’m not a clean, articulate negro, but I think I’d make a pretty darn good preznit, two. This is a Big Fucking Deal!

    Everybody … I mean EVERYBODY is throwing money at Barry, and I want to get in on that, to!

    Me and Jill could take a week vacation every 3 days!

  12. Oh, and in that picture, I was tap-dancing.

    Barry makes me tap-dance every time I go into the Oral Office – he thinks it’s funny or something. He’s usually sitting on Reggie’s lap, and they keep a towel over there laps. Looks like there not wearing any pants, but it’s kinda awkward and I don’t wanna stare.

    Not that theirs anything wrong with that!

  13. Guys, be carefull what you wish for…
    That meeting he had with Elizabeth Warren was no small thing….He plans not only on running, but having The Squaw onbard as his running mate in order to rally and secure the entire democrat base.

  14. Nothing like a little popcorn when you’re watching a knife fight.

  15. That’s what I’m afraid of. That would be very very bad for us.

    The only hope we would have is if the debates paired Trump with Biden and Cruz with Warren.

    But I still don’t want to chance the D and RINO voter fraud machine.

  16. Insane Hussein blessing Crazy Joe. A cartoon duo endowed with a gift for malicious humor that never quits giving!

  17. Greezy Joe Biden got his Godfather’s permission but did he also kiss the ass of the Eminence Gris, Obama’s consigliere Valerie Jarrett?

  18. I’m working on them a blessing now, using a football and practicing for that extra point in my back yard. Only it ain’t gonna be an extra point I’m kicking then.

  19. I’ve also been thinking of using that Fix Me Stick on ValJar, since it’s gonna take a virus removal device to get rid of her.

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