Obama Granted Citizenship to Thousands of Iranians During His Terrible Nuclear Deal Negotiations

Dreamers, they were. Dreaming of the day when they can take over the U.S.

This attitude is led by the left who thinks America as we know it must be fundamentally transformed.

Wait a second. I may be a little slow, but Obama’s famous  quote finally makes sense. “Fundamentally transform America…”, with Islamic fundamentalists.


ht/ FDR in Hell

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  1. All obongo did was listen to President ValJar who assured him that there were no mooselimbed terrorists in the whole lot of them–not a one.

  2. I wonder how much Hillary got paid to write this…

    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Secretary of State
    Washington, DC
    May 20, 2011

    “I am very pleased to announce a big step forward in the Obama Administration’s support of the Iranian people.

    Under our old visa policy, Iranian students and exchange visitors were eligible for visas that lasted for only three months and could be used to enter the country just one time. As of today, that has changed. They are now eligible for two-year, multiple entry visas.

    This gives young Iranians the opportunity to return home for family events, to participate in internships, to travel outside the United States—and they won’t need to get a new visa every time.

    I’ve heard from many Iranian students and Iranian Americans that you wanted this change. So I want you to know that we are listening to your concerns. We want more dialogue and more exchange with those of you who are shaping Iran’s future. We want to be able to share with you what we think is great about America.

    Because as long as the Iranian government continues to stifle your potential, we will stand with you. We will support your aspirations, and your rights. And we will continue to look for new ways to fuel more opportunities for real change in Iran. Thank you.”

  3. Whenever I hear Obama & Iranian people in the same sentence I think of Neda, the girl who was murdered in the street for protesting the Iranian government- the same Iranian Government that Obama gave permission to do unto us as Reggie would do unto Obama.


    That is just the tip of the spear of my outrage for Obama and the Iran deal.

  4. Who vetted them and how many of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has entered the US?

    They need to be vetted again, under close scrutiny. Those who fail must be returned to Iran, immediately.

  5. If you really believe Obama has quietly gone away you would be mistaken.
    He is quiet, but he hasn’t gone away. He is plotting America’s destruction.

  6. What’s terrifically sad?

    Nothing this idiot did surprises me anymore. Nothing. I read these things and the thought that pops into my head is, “Of course.”

  7. Who falsified the records? Who ordered they be falsified? This is our great government at work to silently destroy us one brick at a time as we standby like fools.

  8. @Cato — My thoughts, too. This seems like a pretty easy undertaking. Same thing for the Syrian and other ME “refugees” who were admitted under oblowme.

  9. And Obama ended wet foot/dry foot for the Cubans who wanted to come here. CUBANS HAVE TO BE SENT BACK TO CUBA. Because of Obama.

  10. The more we learn how Obozo hurt America in any way possible the more I want him brought to justice. If anybody has a closet full of skeletons it is he.

  11. I don’t want him to face justice, yet.
    I want whoever pulls his strings.
    Then hang them all, from the top down

  12. It is never. too late to vet all those crazy bastards.
    Oboy had no constitutional Authority for anything.
    His birth certificate got online is a forgery.

  13. I asked this on Twitter: “Asking because I don’t know, but does the Presidency have the ability to grant citizenship? I know that the office can set immigration policy, but granting citizenship?”

    Got one reply: “Yes, it is controlled by the State Dept. It is not so much that he exercised a rarely used power, but his choice of citizens.”

    I don’t know if that really answered my question.


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