Obama is a radical environmentalist, until it is inconvenient for him

Tammy Bruce-

Via Washington Times.

President Obama’s plan to bulldoze a sensitive Chicago lakefront park in order to build his presidential library is meeting with outrage — but not from environmental groups.

Even as local environmentalists say they will not challenge the library in spite of concerns, others are accusing Mr. Obama of hypocrisy, pointing to his record of aggressively blocking badly needed development elsewhere in the name of ecological protection.

Moffat County Commissioner John Kinkaid, whose coal-producing northwest Colorado community is threatened with economic devastation as a result of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, said the decision shows that Mr. Obama doesn’t play by his own rules.

“Apparently, Obama is a radical environmentalist, until it is inconvenient or applies to him,” said Mr. Kinkaid. “He has used the [Environmental Protection Agency] to more

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  1. Activities include Igniting the Constitution Tuesdays and My Son’s Hoodie Thursdays, the rest of the week features Obama breaking 120 strokes in golf for the first and only time, on a 9 hole par 3. The rest is still classified, which is less than most only because he didn’t do jack shit, but you’ll be reminded of the extreme transparency.

    Environment Be Damned, times and dates TBA.

  2. Duh!
    Obola is a destroyer.
    He cares not what is destroyed, as long as it is SOMETHING.
    His personal aggrandizement “Trumps” all other concerns and considerations.
    He is Hell-bent on destroying America, but will settle on piecemeal destruction, so long as that destruction continues past his “reign.”
    He counts on the fecklessness and cowardice of his “opposition” to do absolutely NOTHING to undo the harm he has done – from ObolaCare to $20 Trillion in debt to the outrages of the #BLM movement to the sissification of our Armed Forces to the “deal” which “gifts” nuclear weapons to Iran to his support for Erdogan’s aspirations as Caliph of all the musselmen. America has been damaged by Obola’s abuse of the IRS, EPA, CIA, NSA, State Dept., DoJ, FBI, SCROTUS, Education, local constabularies, and through the promotion of voter fraud – from which we may never recover. Mr. Trump, if elected, will have a Herculean task (think Augean Stables) before him and the American people, and should insist, on his first day in office, that EVERY FOIA request be handled expeditiously, and that ALL Fed Agency Managers be held to account. The light of inquiry is the only way to expose the cockroaches infesting our gov’t.

    If he doesn’t move on these, we will know the nature of the man, and also know that we’ve been hoodwinked, again.
    (not that I’m expecting him to be – of course)

    izlamo delenda est …

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