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Obama is Earning More Than Any Former President – And Costing Taxpayers the Most

Dan Bongino:

by Matt Palumbo—-There’s nothing wrong with earning a fortune – but you have to appreciate the irony when it’s the former President who claimed that “at a certain point you’ve made enough money” is raking in tens of millions.

Following in the footsteps of the Clintons, the Obamas have struck gold in monetizing the presidency. From 2005-2016 the Obamas earned a total of $20.5 million, most of which ($15.6 million) were from books Barack authored before taking office, and the rest from his presidential salary and investment income.

Quickly after leaving office Obama joined the speaking circuit, which had earned the Clintons before him $153 million. The year Obama left office he became one of the ten highest paid public speakers in America, bringing in a cool $1.2 million from three Wall Street Speeches. Michelle began commanding fees of $225k per speech.

Then came the $65 million deal with Penguin Random House for two standalone books from the duo. Since that $65 million represents a cash advance, it’s the least the two will make from their books.

Adding even more to their cash pile, the two scored a deal with Netflix estimated to be worth $50 millionlast year.

They’ve upgraded their lifestyles quite a bit with the cash in hand. In 2017 they purchased an 8,200 square foot mansion in Washington D.C. for $8.1 million – the second most expensive home in the neighborhood after Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos. This year the two are shelling out $14.8 million for a 7000 square foot, 29 acre beach side property in Martha’s Vineyard (I guess they’re not too concerned about rising sea levels).

It took the Clintons nearly two decades to earn $153 million from the presidency. The Obama’s booked over $115 million in two years, putting them on track to profit more from the presidency than any other. And while they’re making money hand over fist, the taxpayer is still subsidizing them more than any other former president.

Last year the Obamas cost the U.S. taxpayer $1,153,000 according to the Congressional Research Service, more than George H.W. Bush ($942k) and Jimmy Carter ($456k). The biggest expense for former presidents is office space. Obama’s 8,198 square foot office in Washington D.C. cost taxpayers $536k last year, the most of any former President. Clinton’s cots $518,000 (with 8,300 square feet), and Carters costs $518k. W. and H.W.’s offices cost $497k and $286k respectively, while Carters costs only $115k.

Obama also has the fattest pension of any former president at $236k, slightly higher than Clinton ($231k) and the younger Bush (225k).
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  1. This has gotten WAY out of hand. Presidential pensions were instituted because Harry Truman was “living in poverty”. These assholes need to reimburse the taxpayers every cent of their pensions, SS protection, and their “offices”.

  2. I guess they aren’t going to give up a piece of their pie.
    We won’t see this on the news.
    Also, no former politician should get a pension.

  3. Earning more than any other President?
    The Feckless Kenyan (code word: Rainbow Golfcart) never worked a day in his miserable life!

    But I did find his business card:
    On the front it sez: Snake-Oil Salesman

    Here is whut he has listed on the back:
    Chicken Manure
    Dog meat
    Arms Dealers
    Communists Hired
    Records hidden
    Cash for Clunkers
    Teleprompters read
    Bullgarian spoken
    Peace Prizes stolen
    Recovery Summers available
    Enemies bowed to
    Allies insulted
    Terrorists coddled
    ISIS JV Teams Sponsored
    Al-Qaeda “decimated”
    Benghazi Riced
    Treasurys looted
    Opposing candidates spied on
    The American People lied to
    Phones tapped
    Fingers pointed
    Bushes blamed
    Maroon-Lines drawn
    Red Lines drawn
    Monuments Barrycaded
    Healthcare Grubered
    Ferguson Community Organized
    Pernicious Political Activities Hatched
    Phone and email records seized
    Military fucked
    Veterans fucked
    Americans fucked
    Israel fucked

  4. Didn’t some “famous” elected person once say, “Sooner or later, I think you’ve stabbed enough citizens in the back”? Oh! Wait…

  5. As a staunch capitalist, I tip my hat to the Obama’s. They are making their fortune honestly, unlike the Clinton’s. Hollywood, the literary world, and leftist corporate makers love the Obama’s, to monetize this hero-worship as fast and as efficient as they have, good for them.

    As for Obama’s statement about having enough money, he doesn’t really believe that but his party is that of confiscation, wealth/class envy and victimhood, they look down on entrepreneurial success and achievement, he was only reading from a script. He, like all the other leftist talk a mean game, but when it comes to personal enrichment, they are all players.

    And who would have guessed that the woman who has virtually zero personal achievements (Michelle) could write the most popular and best selling memoir in Amazon’s history? A fool and his money……………she figured it out.

    The pension talking point is bogus, Each president garners a higher pension than the last. Trump’s pension, if he decides to take it, will be higher than Obama’s.

  6. And those two America hating frauds are laughing their asses off in a gay bar, drinking the most expensive Champagne, knowing we’re getting stuck with the bill.

  7. Since Obumbles & Mooch are shoveling in (rakes aren’t big enough)all this cash, they need to be taxed with famous AOC 95% rate for the elite 1%ers.

  8. “Also, no former politician should get a pension.”

    This X 10.

    With one exception. They leave office and start farming. First federal farming ‘assistance’ application and they owe all their salary back.

  9. Rich Taylor is a vurry schmart fellow. Harry Truman drove away from the White House in his own car. It took Congress years to give him a pension. Just sayin’

  10. That clown is the world’s most expensive organ grinder monkey, as bought and paid for and as phoney acorrupt as Hillary Clinton.

    As for the cost of that transvestite ‘Michelle, we are probably getting charged by the ton.

  11. Stupid website. You post a deep thought. It cones back ‘you posted too quickly’, whatever that means, and it’s gone. I ain’t rewriting that.

  12. Why in the world do we pay for office space for 70, 80 plus year old former presidents to have offices costing taxpayers $500k a year that we all know they are never in. Seriously Carter and HW. WTF

  13. PHenry, that will happen if you aren’t signed into a WTF you call it where you get yer AVATARS and shit. It happens to me alot. That’s why I don’t always write a bunch of stuff on an unknown acct.

  14. 8,198 square foot office is almost twice the size of my lot 50 x 120. How many people does he have in there trying to destroy America. P. Trump should just float the idea about ending spending any more money for past Presidents just to watch the left explode.
    And then move on to Congress and the Senate to see some real bitching on both floors.
    (And take away the gals wig allowance)

  15. I wouldn’t give a flaming bag of poop to hear one of his speeches – especially since I get one for free every morning… from my hairdryer… 🙄

  16. I still believe the book deals and speech fees are payoffs for services provided while in office. Sorry folks, but no one”s speech is worth $225,000. Probably negotiated years in advance.

  17. He always reminds of that one little nugget that refuses to go down after several flushes. I mean really just go away…


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